The OFFICIAL CHRIS ENGEL View on Copyrights, "Piracy," Software Patents, File Sharing, the RIAA, Microsoft, Free-/Open Source- Software, and the like

OK so nothing there now
This will probably explian all of my beliefs on my topics above.
I just thought it would be a good idea.





fun going to school

ok the 7:33 was delayed then cancelled
shane walked onto the platform as the announcement was made
then he called his dad, he picked us up (he had to leave while pumping gas), then drove on some back route real fast, dropping us at train station
i ran up the escalator by 2s (maybe 3s) and then jumped on the train when doors closing, nearly crashing into foster

i'll have weekend info soon (sry lack of posts)


AM exam

to 9:30
idk what's happening with PM
but i don't care
i just hope AM is delayed to the point of cancelling
oh yeah...no more slashdot from me probably (shane u can still)



Windows Services For Unix Now Free Of Charge
just remember boys and girls...nothing is as good as the real thing
but it may ease my laptop getting
Social Side-Effects Of Internet Use
uh-huh...good stuff...read it (no it's the OPPOSITE of what you may think from title)
SCO Expands Licensing Money Chase Worldwide
omg...do these guys ever quit

i'm stupid

lol....i almost missed da train. i went to botanical gardens then ran all the way to fordham road after realizing the 2:19 is only @ fordham

i'm editing a bit here

that calc program bit will be for the final


mad easy...definetely got 100% (without stupid screwups)

phpBB SourceForge.net Project of the Month


Today's online communities begin and end with communication. The more discussions that arise on a site, the more content that is generated and the more 'sticky' the community becomes as the amount of knowledge increases. One of the most popular methods in building two-way communication on a website is web-based forums which are also referred to as bulletin boards. SourceForge.net's January 2004 project of the month, phpBB, is a powerful Open Source forum package written in PHP that is leading the pack in allowing websites admins to build powerful discussion areas on their site. phpBB has had over 3.3 million downloads from SourceForge.net since it's inception. The SF.net is very proud to make phpBB project of the month.


2 nite is the OA banquet...chris is not going cuz he has 2 study 4 the rel midterm...sean page, his dad and mr. chaney are going... and im not sure if william is going though...its guna fun

Math mid term

2 day is the math midterm...im probly going 2 get an A...chris is trying to find a way to cheat on it using a calculator...lol

more /.

Debian World Domination Plan
Penn State Launches Napster Music Service
Yahoo and Unilateral Anti-Spam Technology?
Filter-foiling Gibberish Becoming A Spam Staple
SCO Files Response To Demand For Evidence
Record Labels May Have to Pay Double Royalties


slashdot newz

No WMA for HP iPod
Red Hat will give eCos Copyrights to the FSF!
another good thing
no idea what eCos is, but i know it will be GPLed
Novell Releases SCO Letters
i'm really beginning to like these novell guys
AMD's Roadmap revealed
Microsoft Unhappy With HP's iTunes Decision
haha be unhappy billy!!!!!!!! hahaha
Novell Offers Linux Users Legal Indemnity
damn...i think novell just left the list of organizations i hate
Kiss Technology Counters MPlayer GPL Arguments
too bad the mplayer guys don't have enough money to sue
SCO Responds to OSDL Legal Aid Announcement
bunch of f**k*ng morons..."proof" they say....b*llsh*t i say

today at school

my mom drove me home from 2:19 yesterday and today

english was kinda hard (no official prediction)

kaiser is reporting problems on the forum...but nothing specifically to do w/ pinko

oh yeah...i plan to get rid of Strong Bad - The System is Down (album version) from my webserver


cool quote

editing without mentioning = censorship

editing with mentioning = slap on the wrists

- A from SL


there's lots i forgot

the reson X wouldn't start was a bad e-build for the new nvidia drivers
another e-build came out
after installing it, everything's fine

SL's boogle is back

Shane got his laptop's speakers to work and his WiFi card. Read about it in the PDG forums.

pinko already failed me

i'm gonna b building my aunt's PC over the weekend (i have all the parts except the floppy, which i just ordered)

i'm back active at SL

no luck on Mr. Robinson's :-(

theres probably more i forgot....

a ton of stuff

I got like an A on Latin and B+ on bio

Don't you feel bad stealing all that music. Why not give it back to the RIAA. You'll feel much better. (joke found at the SL forums)

Pinko is now a reg mod at the FP PDG Forums

umm...i'm looking for "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood"

shane was just on AIM

rel=ohh noo


staying with blogger

yep, i'm gonna stay with blogger at least until the summer
only thing i'll gool with is templates
perhaps i will make a seperate commontary system



i haven't been posting recently
i'm trying to get X to work
stuck with windows :'(


todo update

health packing done
now i have to do lab report
and study latin
and math (but @ least i have a free to do it)
and go ofer LOTF (for wednesday)


left todo

Here's all that I still have to do.


catching up

well i'm doing well, i'm almost caught up for school
as for other todo, here's whatd goin on
i'm gonna try a table so here goes

aunt's pcparts shipped, probably be here wednesday

i have posted the madbigfire (no sound) on my vid page