Codename Minucaus version 0.0.2

It's ready for release...this one REALLY does something.
Assuming you can write a menu.xml to your needs, tailor the XSL file to make something that looks nice, and get cteXSLT working (probably just involves installing libxslt or something like that). Once you do all that, you pretty much just have an XML menu displayed through XSL, optionally cached (though i haven't tested that).
Anyway, I suppose most of the work lies in the rendering engines, most especially the goal, which is to generate flash.
Once I clean up a few things, I'll release 0.1.0 thru standard SF medium (though highlight_file is nice for people who just want to look at it (probably most of my current audience I suppose, considering it doesn't really do anything).
Anyway, if you want to send me anything (particularly a good XSL thingie), please e-mail me.
PS: if the other link didn't work, here's a link to the temp home page for Minucaus.

v002 almost done

will be posted in a few hours

blogger troubles

I think my last post didn't go up until just now. Some sort of problem on the blogger side.
This does nothing but accellerate my desire to move my blog, as I have an uptime guarantee from iPaska, but not from blogger.
(not that blogger is bad. it's really great for a free service. no ads, decent uptime, etc (how do they make money off this anyway???))
I'm not moving it to another free service (such as xanga or livejournal), because that would take effort, and its sort of pointless when i ultimately want to move it to ctengel.net.

I'm showing v002 of the menu on sf very soon.



PHP sucks. Well not really, but sort of.
I'm mostly pissed off at it right now because overloading is insanely stupid.
In C, you basically just do something simple like:

int other_function(int dollars, int cents) {
return -1;
int my_cool_overloaded_function(int argument) {
int cents = argument;
int dollars = 0;
return otherfunction(dollars,cents);
int my_cool_overloaded_function(float argument) {
//the following line is probably wrong. i am rusty in C and don't quite remember how casteing works
int argument_as_an_integer = (int)argument;
int dollars = argument_as_an_integer;
int cents = argument - argument_as_an_integer;
return otherfunction(dollars,cents);

anyhow, that's all good (yes the code is inefficent; that's intentional).
assuming i didn't screw up, if i call my_cool_overloaded_function(1.25), the second one will be called. if i call my_cool_overloaded_function(3), the first one will be. so that's pretty easy.
in PHP4, you can't overload at all! (without explicitly calling some other intermediary function to handle the overloading)
in PHP5, you can't do any function overloading outside of a class!!! and even then you still need to write the intermediary function yourself (but at least you don't have to explicitly call it)
here's pretty much the easiest way (that i can think of) to do the same thing w/ PHP5 (i don't want to even think about how i'd do it in 4):
class php_sucks_alot {
private function my_uncool_overloaded_function_whole($bla) {
$cents = $bla;
$dollars = 0;
return php_sucks_alot::other_function($dollars,$cents);
private function my_uncool_overloaded_function_decimal($bla) {
//again,casting is probly wrong
$argument_as_an_integer = (int)$bla;
$dollars = $argument_as_an_integer;
$cents = $bla - $argument_as_an_integer;
return php_sucks_alot::other_function($dollars,$cents);
private function other_function($bla1,bla2) {
return -1;
function __call($function_name,$function_arguments) {
switch($function_name) {
case 'my_cool_overloaded_function':
return (is_int($function_arguments[0]))? my_uncool_overloaded_function_whole($function_arguments[0]) : my_uncool_overloaded_function_decimal($function_arguments[0]);
case 'other_function':
return other_function($function_arguments[0],$function_arguments[1]);
die("You suck at programming. $function_name doesn't exist.");

and you (well i suppose i did as well. whoops.) thought coding in php took fewer lines
to make matters worse, ALL member functions must be called thru "__call" if "__call" is defined. i illustrated this by making other_funtion a member of php_sucks_alot
for more info on this crap, see the documentation.
PHP just isn't clean, simple as that. My favorite of all time is still C++ (although i am much more fluent in PHP at the moment)

Too bad there's like no hosts out there that make using C programs easy. I guess I'm stuck with PHP. Now I'm off to write __call's for all of those classes that i thought would work (and also make a new class to hold all of those great overloaded functions)

someone please remind me to never try to write elegant code in php. it's just not meant to be.
PS: Wait a ____ second! iPaska uses PHP4!!! ARGH!!! screw this, my code is just gonna be messy.
PS: Well i could figure out how to get php5 working as a CGI program, but since that's essentially the same as getting any other C++ program (i think PHP is written in C/C++ nowadays...used to be a perl CGI thingie i think) to work that way, i might as well do it in C++
THE VERDICT: I'll use quick-n-dirty workarounds to get my thing to work for now....look at possibility of getting C to run later.


CTE Menu nearing base-level functionality, backup server parts all ordered (hopefully)

Almost done with menu thingie....I have suspended coding temporarily because things are getting messy around the auxillary chaching area. I'll review all the code that i have already written, and then write out a plan to interconnect all of that and plans for the yet to be written code.
Once all that is done, I'll be ready to place it in the sandbox. Maybe i'll also release it on sf (probably at same time as aim checker thing)
However the current engine i have is crap (only functionality is to spit out menu XML without processing), and there is a few other misc things i want to do. once i have it to a satisfactory point, i will put it as the "root" on www.ctengel.net and move all development efforts to SF CVS
then comes the flash engine, incl any tweaks to the base that flash may need (i don't forsee anything like that though), and of course misc enhancements, bug/security fixes, and reorganizations
I expect that I will use the flash engine on my site once i have the guessing code working (which is currently not a high priority, but the way that it works with everything else has been arranged)

as far as the backup server, i just ordered 2 Vantec Vortexes and 1 simple 3 1/2" HD-mounted cooler. hopefully that's the last of the parts i need. hopefully i will have time to do all the backup of the first HD in time for those cooling parts. then i'll just install them, and follow TLDP's RAID HOWTO
the reason i didn't go for one of those cool unlatch and then swap tray things (such as vantec's ezswap (EDIT: yes you can get that sort with a temp display)) is that most/all of them will work with just ONE of either paralell or serial ATA (or in some cases, scsi only). The one I got gives me the ability to use a SATA drive sometime in the future.
Oh yeah, if you're wondering why I was able to afford stuff that was that cool, it's because my parents were like, "YO, do that ASAP!" and I was like "well i still can't decide what cooler to use. there is this mad nice one that is my undisputed favorite, but it's a bit pricy." and my dad's like "I don't care. I'll pay for the whole thing. I just want it working by the time ur break is over."
awesome, right? i need to find advantages to my parents for all of my purchases.

betamax_cartoon.jpg (JPEG Image, 265x340 pixels)

betamax_cartoon.jpg (JPEG Image, 265x340 pixels)


How do Wikipedia and friends work?

Image:Wikimedia-servers-2005-01-30.png - From Meta; discussion about Wikimedia projects

prettu cool


Guess what? YA vacation ToDo

what else?

  • ORDER BRACKETS --- NOW!!!! (obviously back up the first drive and then install everything and RAID it)
  • Respond to Mike Z, soon
  • Gleason Blog (possible ancestor (codewise, my blogger blog is of course the content's ancestor))
  • KaiCzar scheme
  • fp uptime tracker (cron?)
  • internal svcs for tracker and other internal svc's (SSH?)
  • AIM tracker - release on SF, then maybe improve or redo based on SQL, cron, C, and PHP (for viewing part)
  • XML menu system
  • PDG general white paper thingie
  • EE <-> XXXXX
  • MSTS activities
  • anything mentioned in any other todo, lol

menu system

just wanted to announce the start of work on an experimental menu thing

PS: SL 507 seems to be involved with ionicdomain being down


Slashdot | Jon Johansen Breaks iTunes DRM Yet Again

They should really just give up....it takes those morons more time to make a new one than it does for him to crack it!

WTF happened to PDG teacher search? (and AIM checker functional)

Fordham Prep PDG: Teacher Search

I really need to fix this. Someone remind me over vacation.

I also dug up some really old code that is amazingly cool. The AIM checker. It's written in three languages: TCL (no TK), Bash (shell scripting), and PHP. Or i guess 4 if you count XHTML. Or even 5 if you count the language I invented that it uses to store data.

It's not open to the public right now, because I consider it unsafe (but it WORKS). It's going to be the next big CTE Development release, whenever that is.

Acyd Burn speaks! (also a bit on backup)

phpBB.com :: View topic - Update on Olympus

I especially like the CVS info page.

I've said before that I wasn't going to, but I'm extremely tempted to open Olympus to the public, and have it automatically synced with CVS (i figure that there aren't any fixes that aren't commited).
So yeah, I'm really tempted, and I'll be sure to post here if I do.

About the very late backup server: It's basically just one minor part after another. I could have sworn I had brackets to throw a 3 1/2" device into 5 1/4" bay, but I don't.
But now that I need to buy something, I first wanted at least one of them to have some sort of cooler, but now that's gone even further with temp moniters, such as this Vantec Vortex hard drive cooling system. But there's loads of choices, and while that Vantec thing is nice, I don't think i want to buy two of them. The two brand new HD's would be the ones served by the special cooling stuff (I might get one of the cheep coolers that don't need outside access or a 5 1/4" bay for the oldest one. I don't want the new ones to have it alot better than the old one.), since I'll hopefully be ready to start the 400GB Seagate SATA project by the time one fails.

PS: I'm thinking about making a very simple categorized list of all the URLs mentioned in this blog. I use "BlogThis!" alot. I guess it may be the basis for a "links" page on my future site.


Linking in XHTML 2.0


Morons at fordham

Fordham Prep Roster 2002
look at all this personal info....wide open on fordham's site (no i wasn't even snooping around---it was on google!!!)

good read for XML authors

Tip: Always use an XML declaration
from ibm

Unordered lists: more than just bullets

Upcoming project for me.
Makes perfect sense to use ULs in menus.
It would be even cooler if I could write CSS that could present an outline (ULs nested in the LIs of other ULs) in a cool way. Maybe look like menus.
But of course, no f**ing javascript.


Google is cruel

Google Search: st. patrick's day
whenever they do this (link to a particular search from their front page logo), the poor site that has the highest PageRank (normally a good thing) gets completely screwed over...the ISP probably gets pretty pissed too
(something tells me it was the same website (wistar.com) that had it on haloween)
seriously though....you'd think they'd check to make sure the first one is ready for this before they do it (although the visitors that DO get in are probably making the site loads of money if there are ads...so i guess its not that bad either way)

Slashdot | Will Sun's Java Go Open Source?

would be a good idea for them.
ppl like RMS would stop complaining about Java, and that would definetely increase usage


smart move

Slashdot | AOL Changing IM Terms of Service
I'd definetely implement those changes as soon as the lawyers look it over and make sure that there's nothing wrong with it.


Slashdot | 'Online Poker' Googlebomb

online poker
just doing my part

Blogger Buzz: Blogging and Your Career

Blogger Buzz: Blogging and Your Career

ps2 and cell phone

lack of posts recently...busy

i got a PS2 w/ the following games: FF10,GT3,SWBH,Madden05,THPS3,SWE1PM

my LCD on my cell died...everything else works....I can get a new one for free if i wait till april 1st, so i'm livin with it.
you might want to e-mail me your phone number cuz i might lose some in the process (my fault...i should have backed them up somewhere)


cool mouse

if i had money, i'd buy one.
but I'd certianly like to try it (and if it's really all that good, then i'll get one)
Slashdot | RollerMouse Aims to Replace the Traditional Mouse

ah the joys of a command line. no mouse to get in your way. just you, the terminal, and the shell.
CLI's would have died a long, long time ago if they were truely inferior to GUIs.


Google Deutschland

Google-Suche: engelhart: "Meinten Sie: engelhardt"
AWESOME! It fixes my name.


the fcc does something useful

Slashdot | FCC Fines Company for Blocking Access to VoIP

Slashdot | NYPL Digital Gallery Open to Public

Even the government can suffer from the Slashdot effect!


this is a great read

ACM Ubiquity - A Concise Guide to the Major Internet Bodies
slashdot article