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ooo ahh special


Apple PowerBook G4 12-inch Combo Drive

Just ordered.
Should be here no later than a week from tommorrow. It's somewhat likely that it'll be here on Friday.
They charged 7.5% tax, so I'm a bit annoyed. Anyway, it's likely that it will be here in 3 or 4 days rather than 5, because from the tax I'm guessing they have a presence in NY state.

My old laptop is still for sale @ ~$825, if anyone wants a used Dell Inspiron 9100, still in excellent condition, less than a year old.


i called it

Slashdot | Revenge of the Sith Easter Eggs: "In the establishing shot of the expansive Senate docking bays, there's a tiny Millennium Falcon easing into frame."

i'm proud to say i noticed this the first time i saw the film


Slashdot | Review: Star Wars Episode III

Slashdot | Review: Star Wars Episode III: "But I will say this for those who do know what happens. When order 66 is given, my breath was taken away. When the final battles occur, I was truly fearful. In other words, he doesn't screw it up."

That line really sums it up for me.
I thought the part around Order 66 was completely stunning. It was done excellently
The very beginning pretty much sucked (Anikan&Obi Wan save Palpatine).

I sort of didn't like how they left Qui Gon. It would have been so much better if there was more leading up to it. More of his voice, like in the Tuskan Raider scene of Ep2 would have been good. And then finish it off at the end with a visual appearance.
(Although I heard rumors about an actual conversation between Yoda and Qui Gon. Yoda becomes his apprentice, and also Yoda blames it all on his insistence on training Anikan)

Some of the scenes were a bit unbeleivable. (Anikan going from reporting the Emperor, to cutting off Mace's arm to OMG I shouldn't have done that, to becoming the Emperor's slave)

I will probably see it a few more times in theaters. I'll also be downloading it so I can watch it some more in between it leaving theateres and it's DVD release.

Slashdot | Time Warner to Spin Off AOL?

it's about time

Slashdot | Mozilla Uncooperative With OSS Groups on Security?

red hat should stop crying
if they aren't paying the mozilla foundation any extra money, then they should be treated like everyone else
it's not mozilla's fault that red hat is infamous for being slow as hell releasing stuff


reason to move to germany

Slashdot | Lycos Germany to No Longer Store IP Data: "According to the German Tele Services Data Protection and Telecommunications Act, ISPs are only allowed to store communications data for accounting purposes. Apparently, there is no requirement for German ISPs to keep a record of IP addresses."


pagnozzi's birthday



NYTimes.com to Offer Subscription Service - New York Times

NYTimes.com to Offer Subscription Service - New York Times: "The service, which is scheduled to start in September, will be provided free to home-delivery subscribers of the newspaper."

no problem


Slashdot | Software Glitches Stall Toyota Prius

that must suck


liveuser_db_schema.png (PNG Image, 885x911 pixels)


comp-tree.png (PNG Image, 6601x3822 pixels)


The Story of the PING Program

This guy is the man.
He wrote ping while involved with the Army.

And get this: "The best ping story I've ever heard was told to me at a USENIX conference, where a network administrator with an intermittent Ethernet had linked the ping program to his vocoder program, in essence writing:

ping goodhost | sed -e 's/.*/ping/' | vocoder

He wired the vocoder's output into his office stereo and turned up the volume as loud as he could stand. The computer sat there shouting 'Ping, ping, ping...' once a second, and he wandered through the building wiggling Ethernet connectors until the sound stopped. And that's how he found the intermittent failure."

Now there is a good idea.
That's why the unix command line kicks any GUI's @$$.

phpBB.com :: View topic - 2.0.15 Fix for demoted admin bug

so now i need to put this in pdgBB
and they still haven't made a tag for 2_0_15
so i guess i need to import this
and call it 2.0.15a or something
no wait, i used a date for the last one
so i'll do the same with this


i had an appointment to get my permit on thre 26th (first day that they had an opening)
but now i can't make that one
and chances are there won't be any openings for a while after my birthday now :(

Cool stuff

Icecast Radio | wa2skin.wac | Opal Redemption | X-Slant | D-Reliction | wasabi.player skin

Wasabidev | Wasabi Wiki | canada | /j #wasabi | Breed | linusb.tk


maybe i will use this

problem diagnosed

ok: here's pretty much what happened: from a previous run of the batch thumbnail generation, my browser cached some of them
i purged them
so when i ran it again, not all of them were regenerated
so i need to purge the "data" directory, re-upload all of the images, run the batch thumb generaator, AND hit refresh
i think then i need to upgrade the DB
then i make metadata.csv's for all the galleries that don't have them
then i think i can delete all the images

shortly after that i can open it

i think i will take a break now. might result in delays

singapore troubles

Well it's weird
Some thumbs are randomly not working now.
I'm trying to figure out what's going on.

Holy Crap

This stuff is awesome

Singapore Real Soon Now (SERIOUSLY!)

Singapore will be recovered to right about the state it was in during August 2004, thanks to hosting sponsored by Michael Pinkowish.
The two remaining issues are:
-writing metadata.csv's for ALL galleries (since none of the images are local, singapore needs to be made aware of them)
-convincing the singapore thumb output thing to spit out chached thumbs regardless of wether or not the fullsize image is existant

I hope that in the future I will be able to make doing this simple, but don't hold your breath.


Slashdot | Windows XP Starter Edition Snubs P4, Athlon



Holy Crap

A PHD thingie on Slashdot.

When and how to use internet image formats

useful guide i just found
pretty much sez what i always have: jpeg for photos; gif for animation; png for all else
includes some additional insight as well

really funny


I first heard the audio years ago. I don't know if this video is new, but it's a very good accompaniement/


Dmv Book

May 26


Picture024-792791.jpg (JPEG Image, 640x480 pixels)

well there it is....but what happened to the post???

Picture024-792791.jpg (JPEG Image, 640x480 pixels)

well there it is....but what happened to the post???


it just got deleted???
i am confused now...
there goes that

maybe will work better with 2nd post
will try later.


photoblogging from a phone
see my last post

soo easy. i just sent the pic in an e-mail from my phone to go@blogger.com; got the access code in an e-mail, typed it in to the site; then it knew that i had another blog and it asked me if i wanted to merge them and obviously it worked.
from now on if my phone sends an e-mail there, i guess that it will show up here.

an incentive not to switch...
(yay more laziness for me---though you gotta admit i have been doing useful work getting 2 of my projects into CVS...finally!)


current stats on pdgBB release

well I did a diff between phpBB 2.0.12 (what's in CVS now) and pdgBB 0.3.9 (what's running the site now) and guess what.
it's OVER 1 MB. that may not seem like alot, but when phpBB is only about 3MB, it most certianly is
In that patch, there is a bunch of things:
-modifications I made that I want to give to the public
-modifications based on phpBB MODs (since phpBB is GPLed, all the MODs legally must be, granting me permission to include them in my GPLed project)
-really stupid stuff (whitespace and stuff like that which is all the fault of using various editors)
-sorta stupid stuff (humongus comments i made)
-overly PDG-specific stuff (useless to mankind)
-secret stuff (passwords, etc, used by the code, that i don't want to get out)
-miscellaneous items (some of which not even I know what they do)

I'm shortening it out to pretty much include just 1&2
right now it's at ~65 KB, ~1250 lines, ~40 added files, ~20 deleted files, ~25 changed files
i am also improving some whitespace usage here and there

anyhow, i figure i'll commit this stuff fairly soon

Iraq, US, and the UN

I was just thinking.
I'm not saying for sure that US did disobey any UN rule, but suppose for a moment it did.
Whether or not you are for the war, most would agree that Iraq was disobeying some UN rule.
If that's why the US invaded Iraq, then by that logic what would say that it would be wrong for another UN member to invade the US?

Another sort of related thing:
Assume again that the US invading Iraq constituted a violation (namely Article 2 #4 w/o Articles 41/42). I'm not necessarily saying it did, but it sure looks like it.
ALSO assume that this whole thing really was to protect us from WMDs or whatever Saddam supposively had. In fact, you can even assume (incorrectly) that they really did have them.
Q: OK, so what's wrong with our invasion then?
A: We violated UN rules.
Q: Why should we let any of Fr, Rus, and/or China decide whether or not we can do what we need to protect ourselves?
A: Perhaps we shouldn't.
Q: Huh?
A: If we weren't in the UN, then we could do whatever we want, legally.
Q: So we should leave the UN?
A: If the US isn't willing to abide by UN rules and it can't get them legally changed, it shouldn't be a member. If we think it has too much power, then we should leave.
Q: What's wrong with the current set up? We do whatever we want anyway.
A: It's certianly not setting a good example. Iraq probably wasn't obeying the UN, but we aren't either.

So yeah, that's pretty much it. I think we should be in the UN, but not if we completely disregaurd it.


Slashdot | Liquid Metal CPU Cooling



Slashdot | U.S. Rejects Canadian Rejection of DMCA

If the Canadian gov't is intelligent enough to reject the DMCA, we have no right to pressure them otherwise.

Slashdot | Firefox 1.1 Plans Native SVG Support

Time for me to learn SVG!
Would make an interesting backend for Minucaus.
I still need to look into SVG's animation capabilities, but perhaps I could do it with 100% XSLT (SVG is XML), and drop my effort to make a Flash-output engine using Ming.
That would mean that auxillary caching maybe could be left as-is (it should barely work in 0.0.4, if not with a small fix), because SVG can be right in XHTML.
Then again, perhaps I should continue support for auxillary caching by making a simple test engine that utilises it. People are welcome to write a Ming/Flash engine even if I don't; a proper auxillary caching API will make it easy.

In other Minucaus news, I can't seem to decide what criteria I will use to determine when 0.1.0 is ready for tagging and tarball release.
Following the Linux numbering scheme, I am thinking of calling 0.0.5 0.1.5, and 0.1.0 0.2.0. But maybe not. Maybe I'll wait until 1.0.0 to do that. Yeah, cuz then what would 0.3.x be? I'm not going to split my development into stable and unstable anytime soon.
I also think that phpDocumentor stuff will wait till 0.1.x. A decent README should suffice for 0.1.0.
I am also thinking that for 0.x.1, 0.x.2, etc the only file release will be a patch from 0.x.0 and the previous version.

Slashdot | Copy-and-Paste Reveals Classified U.S. Documents

I can see why some Europeans say that Americans are stupid.
I'd have to agree, at least about the gov't.

no commit

even though it works well in test case, i'm not committing the phpdoc code yet due to those problems

sleep time

i don't think i have any time for further coding at all this weekend, but i will probably present my pdgBB in CVS proposal and SL CVS restructuring proposal


so it all works very welll
but one very big problem
it takes all my fancy
stuff to mean documentation

so sharelive's also screwed
maybe i should wait till cvs settles to fix

or perhaps i'm not screwed

this pear CLI thing sure is nifty
i set preffered_state to beta, did an upgrade...and BAM...now i got a PHP5-compliant version

anyhow, i did a dry run and it worked. it didn't really guess anything though. probably because of all the wierd constants i use

i'm just gonna do a little test documentation with index.php and then goto bed

PHP5 and PHP Documentor 1.2

They hate each other
I just went through all this trouble, just to find that 1.2 uses some obscure thing: reassigning $this. I've never heard of such a thing.
Anyhow, the PHP team thought it was stupid, so they disabled it in 5
but now I'm screwed.

anyway, i think minucaus 0.1.0 will feature phpdoc.org stuff