NCC is coming

lets see if i survive
live coverage right here, starting in undar 48 hours.


Singapore actually open!!!!

WOW. Amazing.
I'm not done putting al the pix back but I'm close.


Met Game

I was just at a great game at Shea last night. My favorite NL team vs. the LA Angels at Anehiem (or is it the Anehiem angels at LA? they annonced that as the team name, and i asked my dad and he said they changed it to appeal to LA guys).
Anyhow, it was a spectacular game. The inside the park home run was certianly cool. My first reaction was that he was out, but the umpire called it safe. After the game, none of the radio guys were saying it was bad, but I'd still like to see a replay.

My seat sucked. It was on the "loge" (named similar to the one in the bronx, but sorta different. in some places is almost a continuation of the first deck, but in some places is clearly the second deck. It's also lower, I think. It is only on level 2, while the yankees have it on level 3 (the first deck gets 2 levels). Then the 2/3 deck at shea is distinct from the one i was on, and the same with the top deck.
Anyway, I felt packed in there. I was close to hitting my head on the ceiling. I've sat in most of the areas at Yankee stadium, and never had fears about hitting my head. it was weird when sitting there, the stadium felt so small. I couldn't even see the screen at all. When I walked out, it felt huge tho. Seat was same price as at the very top.
Only advantage was cover from rain.

There was a delay of over an hour for rain. The thing to cover the infield took forever to put back. So many folds.

One other thing I'd like to remark about is the "Yankees suck" cheers. I don't seem to recall ever hearing a "Mets suck" cheer at Yankee stadium (except when relevant). I don't see how any of the three were relevant. They are in different leagues! It wasn't even related to the Yankees' performance that day (they shut out the Cardinals earlier that day)

NOTE: While I might often make negative comments about the NY Mets, they really are my favorite NL team. I think its always been that way, even if I do get a bit leated against them for the 6 games a year they play against the Yanks (the mets get whooped at yankee stadium 2 weekends from this), and of course I did in the 2000 world series, the one time that the Mets losing really ever meant much to me. (it's always nice to add a win onto the yank's record for any of the 6 interleague games, but it's not a bug deal)


Slashdot | Debian 3.1 (Sarge) Released

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Slashdot | Google Launches Google Sitemaps