Train Evacuation Video

I think this is hillarious for some reason. Like, everyone is calm in an "emergency."
From the two MTA MN-/LI-RR accidents I can remember (Amtrack MOW locomotive ramming into the back of an LIRR M-x (where 0>x>7 and x !=2) waiting to platform at Penn Station and the time an out of state trucker was on saw mill and got stuck getting off on a grade crossing and then an M-1a or an M-3 crashed into it because the idiots didn't call the # on the sign right there to get the dispatcher to stop the trains, cause they were afraid they would get in trouble. now the fools are being sued by the MTA for like $3M in damage to the train and tracks.), everyone paniked.
Anyway, I would use the intercom to yell at the driver, screw telling a conductor to come. I would use emergency break too. I'm wondering, why would it be more dangerous in a tunnel? (anyone who knows, plz leave a comment)

Why don't they make this video for both MNRR and LIRR. They run all the same cars, except MNRR has a different kind of desil. But the M7 and "older electric" are exactly the same.

Anyway yeah, just watch it if you want to make fun of something.



is it just me or does it seem like i am running the pdg forums to the ground?

No Forum Selected
If this happend if you followed a link from a e-mail message go to the forum using:
PhpBB: http://www.myfreebbs.com/forum/?mforum=yourforum
Invision Power Board: http://www.myfreebbs.com/forums/yourforum
After this, the link in your e-mail should work!


Today Sucked


There is good news though. It looks like I will be done with my homework, that's due tomorrow, tonight. I can then get an advance on the rest of the week's work (unfortunately including Latin project and second half of The Great Gatsby).
It get's even better! There is no PDG meeting tomorrow. And so, I can make the 2:19 and can get a ride.

Another cool thing is it looks like the EE slogan will be VIDI QUID EST, if that is grammatically correct (I'll probably be asking Mari during 6th, because he usually is in the library then.).

I will try to fit Singapore work in with my busy schedule this weekend. I should get most schoolwork done at work. The Geometry project is so easy I can do it in my sleep.


PDG and Sing TODO

Activity has dropped alot on the PDG Forums. Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen!

Here is a list of stuff I still need to do for singapore:

  • Get latest version from CVS.
  • Add docs for files we gonna patch.
  • Make patch for JUST the DB stuff (schema and the fallback (ask tamlyn if fallback is only for DB) and of course the main class)
  • Get io_handler option to work (remember fallback workaround) and make patch.
  • join mailing list
  • then make a patch fixing other miscellaneous things (docs for user class esp), minor RFE's and bugs (look at SF and forums)
  • then patch for bigger RFE's and bugs


Singapore + PEAR:DB = !ctefs

Yep that's right. I've been looking around for a bit of info on Singapore's little-known option to use PEAR:DB as opposed to CSV files or automatic file info. If this works well, all I will need to do is make another table with just a "numid BIGINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL" (corresponds to the primary key of the image info table) and a "image_data MEDIUMBLOB BINARY" (very similar to the ctesqlfs's storage method). I guess i TIMESTAMP couldn't hurt, but it certianly isn't necessary. I could just put the BLOB in the image_info table, but this allows people to use a different table format better suited to large amounts of raw data.
The thumbnails might end up needing to be redone, but luckily, the thumbnails aspect of singapore is somewhat independent and simple.
A new user-accessible file would have to be made, called viewimage.php, which would take just the id # (something that doesn't exist at all in CSV mode singapore, just PEAR:DB), or if I'm not feeling lazy that day, maybe the option of file path too (after all, i suppose there is a function already written somewhere in Singapore that figures out ID # from path). Then the code that generates the XHTML img elements would be modded to use my system rather than traditional way.
viewimage.php might be able to just redirect to regular image in "galleries" directory if it isn't in the DB (another advantage of having a seperate table).
Another important thing viewimage.php should do (and this is something that is NOT done in unmodded singapore) is make sure the user has access to that image, and if not, output something like a mad cool "access denied" picture.

It would also be good to mod the admin system to use this, but that isn't imperative. I could just make a password protected independent script that you could upload an image to and specify a particular ID. Come to think of it, I'm not so sure the admin interface will work with PEAR:DB in the first place....
I would also probably write a script that just parses the galleries and then throws it all in the DB...after which it should be safe to delete the old "galleries" folder.

This approach has many advantages over the filesystem thing:

  • simpler and less code
  • probably faster (won't have to go through my multiple-inheritance system to figure everything out)
  • better integration with singapore
There are some disadvantages, the biggest being that it would be impossible to have automatic indexes under this system.

At the end of all this, I plan to release a patch to singapore that gets the regular PEAR:DB stuff to work and then puts my stuff in.



then of course i will make the filesystem for it.
work on the base filesystem driver has begun
but now i gotta mod it for this


chem done, yanks lose

I hope that the game tomorrow night (err tonight) counts as a reason to give less homework. It can't be missed.
My chemistry report is done well, and I actually have a manageable amount of homework to do tommorrow morning (err this morning)
I'm thinking of putting my essay on wikipedia, because their current history is crap.


retreat and offline chem approach

the retreat today was 'ite
The bus was almost going to go over the Tappan Zee Bridge. The directions said exit one off I-87, but that would have been back right after the city line (also wrong). If they really wated for next exit 1, it wouldn't be until PA. So anyway, we did successfully get off at exit 9. After that, we thought we over shot it due to address #s. So we turn around and then we end up crossing the village line (again), so Mr. Brian C. calls them and then they clarify that the name of the road the place is on is different than when we saw it. (although whole thing is US-9). So we turned around in someone's driveway, and we made it there on that try.

Also, tonight I will be doing my chemistry report using documents i have alread retrieved. this will eliminate distraction of the outside world.

I will switch the score thing at around 2004-08-20T00:00:00 UTC (8 PM today, EDT)


WikiPedia contribution, thanks to chem report

As you can see from the diff (link above) I made one of the old links in the "atom" article link to a more appropriate article, with a name that was changed when "element" was disambiguated


bad mood

dont f*** with me

LotR: RotK Extended preview

ohh ahh special


I admit that I should have probably immidaately dismissed his claim of my jealosy of his phone, and perhaps just quickly dissed it. I was too busy WATHING THE GAME to bother thinking.


cool logo and pinko annoying bragger

CURSE (image has current score)
Allright now this is just plain cool.
I code it all by myself. I'll show the code once I clean it up a bit to work on any game. I will just be manually changing the day it gets the score for until the end of the World Series. After that, you may even be able to just pass a team code or something simple like that.

Conversation with m1k32k3 at 2004-10-16 22:43:17 on chrs0589 (aim)
(22:43:17) Pinko: yay! ive been appointed head of opertaions at the open house for the pdg display
(22:43:17) Chris : Let's go Yankees.
Red Sox ****.
I am watching the game.
CLICK HERE (to see/download/use better version of my buddy icon)
CLICK HERE (for a pic with an automatically updating score)
ALCS: Yankees 2; Red Sox 0.
Let's sweep 'em!
(22:44:32) Chris:
(22:44:38) Pinko: jealous
(22:44:40) Chris: my sig is best
(22:44:51) Pinko: yes, i like it
(22:44:53) Chris: i;m not an arca suck up such as urself
(22:45:02) Pinko: how did i suck up, he imed me
(22:45:38) Chris: u did in the past
(22:46:10) Pinko: ??
(22:46:51) Pinko: or is this about my mad awesome cell phone?
(22:47:14) Chris: i have a better camera
(22:47:18) Chris: why be jealous
(22:47:29) Pinko: u did nothing to get that camera
(22:47:29) Chris: ,my cell phone problyu has better service anyway
(22:47:38) Pinko: i had to get confirmed to get my camera
(22:47:42) Pinko: no, im on gsm of america
(22:47:47) Pinko: and mine can do awesome things
(22:47:53) Pinko: plus// it has a color screen
(22:47:54) Chris: WTF IS THAT

(22:47:59) Chris: oooh ahh special
(22:48:02) Chris: i dont give a
(22:48:06) Pinko: lol
(22:48:11) Chris: i jsut want to be able to talk clearly
(22:48:13) Chris: everywhere
(22:48:18) Chris: and i do
(22:48:24) Pinko: you definatly must be jealous if youre gettin so mad, lol
(22:48:26) Chris: oh yeah and be able to drop my phone
(22:48:30) Chris: and it still works
(22:48:33) Chris: and in toilet
(22:48:36) Chris: and stilll works
It all goes downhill from there, basically him bragging about bells and whilstles that are either unimportant, rarely used, or cost extra.

OK, well here's a very high level synopsis of it (you don't need to see the whole thing to understand, because if you did, you'd probably think the unimportant stuff is more important than it is)
OK, so he was stating that he got the position from arca. I said it was "gay" and here is why:
  • Pinko sucked up to get it. There was no merit involved.
  • Being in control of the open house really doesn't bring any benefits.
  • Arcane appointmens are having less and less meaning. (like the word play?)
I then pointed out my signature, because I did work on it and was proud of it. It wasn't easy to dissect the MLB site's scoreboard.
Then this is really the part where the annoyingness starts. He jumps to the conclusion that I let one event change my handling of a completely unrelated one. A PDG event and his cell phone have nothing to do with each other. It is an unjust and unfounded accusation of mine. The rest of the conversation I now see is unnecessary. Whether or not his cell phone/coverage are better than mine is not important.
I still maintain that mine is better in all fields other than bells and whistles, and the fact that his has Jabber support (although i have a feeling he has to pay extra), which is indeed cool.
The only reason the camera was brought up was just to show that the net jealousness level would be more on his side (assuming all people are equally jealous, which is obviosly not true based on the unusually high level of pinko).
OK and then the "GSM of America" cockiness. For some reason, when I said I had better service, he instantly replied that crap. Just because he's been brainwashed with their good service ads and that its better and bla bla, doesn't mean its any better than anything else (I guess Virgin Mobile was worse, so in his mind, theis AT&T stuff is amazing). THen there is also the use of the name "GSM of America" by itself without specifying AT&T. AT&T does have a history of making up mobile names to disassociate them with itself. (Remember the mysterious "mLife" ads a few Super Bowls ago?) Anyhow, the name makes it sounds like its part of the government, whether or not you know what GSM is. Second, GSM is not specific to AT&T. Obviosly he probably thought this because of their brainwashing. My tri-mode phone can do GSM as well.

Bottom line here is that he was accusing me wrongly of letting jealousy (which was non-existant anyway) change my actions on another matter.
Well I've got news: It doesn't! (I dare all readers to prove this wrong and post a comment)

PS: It was very rude of him to interrupt my viewing pleasure of the 2004 ALCS Game 3.

PS2: Cell phones or other such things that are aquired by wealth alone aren't really things that I think should be bragged about anyway. Simply because wealth (especially among minors) is largely due to fortune. Other things that are done through work or other form of merit, and not just how much money you have are better suited for bragging, if you are the sort of person that brags.


first photos

Star Wars Trilogy: 4 DVD Set

Top three downsides:

  • It is very big and hard to conceal.
  • Since it is supposed to be very similar to a traditional camera, the way it works does not allow it to take short videos as many cheaper digital cameras can.
  • The camera is useless without the zoom lens, making its size even larger. Without the lens, the mirror is exposed.
Aside from that, there isn't much I don't like. Image quality is excellent. There are a ton of options for picture taking. The dirver works well, on Windows.
I still need to get a Linux driver, and I would like to learn more about the various modes available so I can do cooler stuff. One I already discovered is a replacement for video. It takes a picture every X seconds as long as button is pressed.
Anyway, this camera is alot better than my last one. Best of all it was free.

Oh yeah memory stick story: The doods who my dad won the camera from said they included a 128MB CF card. Well, it didn't. I found a good memory stick on NewEgg (they also had better 256MB cards, but more $$$). My dad was in a good mood so he got one for $40 (yet not as good) at a nearby store, where he also purchased the subject of the above image. He said he wanted a better one too so maybe I can get him to buy this awesome thing, or maybe something larger.


digital camera

my dad won it for free by luck
we have yet to have paid a single cent for digital photography, yet now we've got something good


New reason why page's forums suck

they require admin actuvation


Curtin's WiFi

I was able to get into the WiFi system with WEP and all, but I couldn't obtain an IP adress via DHCP. (I do it all the time at home, so I'm gonna blame Curt on this one.)


i need to sent e-mail to

  • adrian (virus)
  • PDG Forum (welcome)
  • PDG volunteers (forum graphics)
  • curtin (WiFi)
  • something else in the original list of 3
  • mike Z (CIT)

i need to get all the new guys in the DB with IDs and onto ramlab, perhaps with the meehan-imposed restrictions (only on ramblab of course, all will get in on forums).
also add non-PDG to PDG


other stuffs

Why is Pinko both a Global Moderator (Sort of like a SuperMod in phpBB 2.1) and a forum specific moderator?

I will demonstrate the falseness of the logo fairly soon.

Pager claims that KiaCzar was being mean to him. He wasn't using any Moderator powers to do this. He did not once ask me to rid the board of KaiCzar's modship. What good is starting a new board?

Pager assumed he would become a moderater after X posts for some reason.

It's small. I know PDG started small, but is bigger now and already here.

There is no way of moving it. Since it is on a host that is attempting to lock the users in, the board cannot be moved to a better server.

Anyhow I think my point is simple. Neither Pager nor Pinkowish were under any moderative or administrative persecution. They went off and started their own because they wanted power to oppress others, not because they were being oppressed. Technologically PDG forums are superior. The administrator there has no experience with any sort of postion like that and is therefore not well suited to administrate a major board without help. (Of course, in response to this he will probably end up making Pinko an administrator or some garbage like that.)

The following does not necessarily represent the views of the PDG Club or of the PDG/EE alliance.
It is solely the position of Engleman Enterprises on the matter.

PDG Meeting Tommorrow

We'll see how it is...

Two more things

off the top of my head.

he can't even get own URL correct (shows carelessness)

page load times are slow

Forums of the Pager

The following does not necessarily represent the views of the PDG Club or of the PDG/EE alliance.
It is solely the position of Engleman Enterprises on the matter.

Firstly, the only reason Pinko has joined forces with Page is that he is sore about being demodded. I was recently reflecting on the decent donation he made to Engleman Enterprises, and realized perhaps he should have remained in the position. However, recently he has exhibeted Dobs-like behavior, namely trying (unsuccessfully) physically to take control of a computer I was logged into. Remember this warrented a ban of Dobs, which Pinko consented to.
He claims that I demodded him because my USA political views differed from his. I will assure you that it had nothing to do with it.

Secondly, neither EE nor PDG have recieved neither a notice about this nor any reason/explanation.

Thirdly, it is not at all affiliated with Fordham Prep (not even indirectly, as the PDG forums are), therefore they have no claim whatsoever to being school-related.

Fourthly, these forums will be just as much if not more of a dictatorship than the PDG forums. The PDG forums have not only myself, but also PDG officers, to whom more attention has been paid recently. Therefore there are more checks on my dictatoral power.

Fifthly, the PDG forums will always be superior technologically because of the fact that I have full filesystem and SQL access, while the Pager only has IPB ACP access.

Sixthly, we use phpBB which is better than IPB.

Seventhly, they have ads, including pop-unders and pop-ups. We have none, at all.

Eighthly, there is no protection against spam users. The PDG forums have a yet-to-be-broken scheme to ensure that all registrations are from Fordham Prep students, and that each student only gets one username.

Ninethly, what the hell name for a miscellaneous forum is "Archives"???

Tenthly, Page just left because he doesn't like Kaiser. Think logically now. Neither KaiCzar nor myself have done any severe mod/admin actions against Pager (esp not Kaiser, because KaiCzar is afraid I will demod him if I go too far). So what stops KaiCzar from going on Pager's board? Depends on how you look at it. One assumes that Pager will be as fair as I am as an admin. If this is so, the same could go on there. The other way, which I believe is more likely, is that IF KaiCzar decides to be active on those forums, his posts that disagree with Pager will mysteriously disappear, due to the bias Pager has against him. (This has not happend on PDG forums.)

Allright so there are 10 things I have against them/for us. There are alot more I can think of, but I got better stuff to do now.

Oh yeah, here is their logo. I will explain the problem with it later (and no, it has nothing to do with the graphical suckiness of it, because I too suck at this sort of thing).

Freedom Forums


school sucks

I wish I wasn'r so busy all the time. I would post here more often.
New site.