job and study

all non school and work related activiteis are hereby suspended until june 5th (when which immidiately after i finish the SAT2, anything that i don't want to do will be suspended for at least a week to make up for this week. as far as fordham stuff, i'm forgetting about that at least for a month.)

my first day of work went well. nothing unusual or hard to do. i got cookies and coke as well. the girl in the shift before me was...umm...good looking.

i may sign on to nationstates and kings of chaos like once a day.

TODO (after suspension):
-singapore 0.9.9
-2 mods discussed in NE (merging and unsubscribing. both to use new CTE phpbb auth system)



I couldn't find Mr. Pigott in 3rd period. He told me yesterday to meet him in 248 (English Department), but he wasn't there at all (according Dr. Hannon). So I went back during 6th period. He said he was in 244 and forgot that he told me to be in 248.
Anyway, the speech went well, and he gave me a 95. That was way higher than I expected.

english report

okay heres what happened
4 ppl got done in class
then one started in class and finished in consultation
then at least one ohter went in consult
nar is going 1st today
i'm going 3rd today
that leaves up to 3 ppl unaccounted for
he sed he'd be doing them today during act

and i'm so pissed off. i got attacked at 6am by another moron who has nothing better to do (like sleep) then. i had like 90000. but i'm scheduled to get 80000 during the day.


Posting from phone.

Posting from phone.

maxwell barry, KoC inactivity, and good news in school

...has been deleted
Fordham Preparatory

for some reason that is unknown to me, my account became "inactive" in KoC. this means you do not get any attack turns or half-hourly money. just logging in solved it, but it doesn't make sense.

also a bunch of other things:
-in latin I got a C on a practice final, no studying
-bio i got a 20/20 on my contract even though it deserved less because of neatness
-algebra i got 10/12 (counts as 100/100) on a multiple guess test
-rel test was easy
-pettus's final essay will not be done during the final, but actually done over memorial day and handed in on tuesday
-english, pigott didn't show. obvioulsy he can't finish speeches. with 11 (or more) to go and a 5 minute minimum, we can get 8 (at most) done tomorrow, our last class (perhaps he doesn't realize that)


PHP SysInfo AND English report

Just remembered I had this. Click the link above.

Here is my speech:
Good afternoon. As most of you know, my name is Chris Engelhart. I will be speaking to you today about how to make various knots. I picked this topic because I could not think of anything else that I was good at and that is easy to demonstrate. Knots are very useful in many different situations. There are some activities that may involve a lot of knot tying, such as camping and sailing. There are multiple methods of making most knots. I will show you the ways I know best. All of the knots that I will show you today have a specific purpose.
I will start off with the square knot, which is probably one of the most useful knots ever. Its primary purpose is to tie two similar pieces of rope together. [DEMO/] You put the right over left and then go around. Then you put the left over the right and around. Then you pull it tight from all sides, and its done. [/DEMO] As you can see it is strong and usually won't come out until you try to untie it. It is very easy to untie. [DEMO] If you mess up (by doing the second part backwards, like this [DEMO]), you will end up with this, known as a granny knot. This can be used in place of a square knot but is much less secure because it can be fall apart much more easily. It is also harder to untie than a square knot. Another mistake that one can make is called the thief’s knot. [DEMO] Putting the running ends on opposite sides of the square knots is what causes this. It falls apart with the slightest tension, like so [DEMO]. The square knot is one of the best general-purpose ways to tie two similar ropes together.
Another common useful knot is the bowline. It creates a loop with a constant size. Some people call it the “bunny knot” because of the following method of remembering it. [DEMO] Although the bowline is more complex than the square knot, it is not hard to remember.
Now I will show you how to make a sheep shank, which is useful when shortening rope or bypassing a weak point. Cutting out a portion of the rope and then tying the two ends together is not a good idea because it weakens the rope. Another advantage the sheep shank has is that it can be done on a rope without disrupting the connections of the rope on its two ends. [DEMO/] You take the section of rope you want to shorten or bypass. You make a big loop with that. Then you make two smaller loops on either side. The direction that the over and under parts of each loop has to be the same. In my demonstration, the right side of each will go over the left side. Then you take the left side of the middle and pull it over and through the left loop. At the same time you should take the right side of the middle and pull it under and through the right loop. Then pull them both through and pull on both of them. Then pull it tight. [/DEMO] There should be three pieces of rope going through two loops like this. If there is a weak point, it is reinforced by the other two sections. To untie, you just do this. [DEMO] The sheep shank's biggest weakness is that it often requires tension to stay knotted.
The sheet bend is useful in tying a rope onto another rope in the shape of a loop. [DEMO/] First, pull the rope end up through the loop. Then wrap it under the loop, and pull it back over the loop, but underneath itself. [/DEMO] Untying it is also simple. [DEMO/] Just pull the loop and then pull the end out [/DEMO] The key advantage that the sheet bend has over the square knot is when tying two ropes of different thickness together. In many such cases, the sheet bend will be stronger.
The timber hitch can tie rope onto a log. Unlike the bowline, the loop created by the timber hitch can be adjusted. The more tension on the rope, the tighter the loop.[DEMO/] First, wrap the rope around the log, then around itself. Then just keep coiling it around itself for as long as you can. [/DEMO] The more rope you have to coil, the less likely the log will slip. If it is not tight enough, it may come out, but under tension, this knot will usually be fine. [DEMO] To untie, loosen the first loop and then uncoil the knot. [/DEMO]
These knots not should be used in life or death situations (unless you have no other choice) because they all have weaknesses. There are knots that are better suited for climbing and other dangerous situations. However, these are fine for everyday uses, as long as the consequences of a problem aren't all that bad.
There are a lot more knots out there; these are just the ones I know. Some professions require intense knot training, such as fire fighting, but these five are really all you need for average everyday things.

comments are welcome

e-mailing blog post test

i tell u, i will be so pissed if the stockholders make a stop to all this awesome google stuff
this is another new feature that google mae after their purchase of blogger (btw it looks like google groups 2, blogger, and gmail (all communication tools) will become more close)

global. english, latin assignments

Well for global I have yet to present the african music. I think he forgot.

Also I gotta write a "Adding to the Deriv DB for dummies" (but mari seems to have forgotten).

The English oral report crisis rages on.
MON: (none)
WED: (cycle out)
FRI: 3 unknown
MON: MS, Nick, CT, MY,Avi
well lets see. at least 23 kids in class minus 12. today, CT didn't even finish his, so even if we did 5/day...that means at least one person won't go. Pigott is crazy. I haven't gone yet (thank God), but i don't think i'm lucky enough to be DA ONE.
so tonight its practice poractice practice

oh yeah, how could i forget, MY BLOG HAS COMMENTS
that at least decreases urgency of the new site at least somewhat.


101st post on my BIRTHDAY! (lots of misc stuff)

woohoo, this is the 101st post here

is it jsut me or is the explorer sheet for pettuss already done

i will be occupied the rest of the day doing my english spoeech, which will be about knots.
i gotta remember to make sure that all of my global african music work is all set for presentation tomorrow.

i'm pretty dsure the rumor about school closing friday (and rev day being moved up to thurs, cancelling quarter 4 cycle 7 E day)

also i realized that engleman.tk isn't pointing here ever since i movesd stuff around. i just gotta get redir.php working again. i'll probably make a quick hack fix tonight. UPDATE: woohoo it works now. i jsut changed the rrequired filename to a temp one. of course much work still needs to be done

if you wanna know what to get me for my birthday, US cash is fine. thank you!
i wanna get halo for pc and some other stufff. maybe i'll setup a wishlist.

o like the new blogger stuff. i am setting up a grou[ at google groups 2 beta. if you want in, e-mail me.

ACR has closed and lots of ppl are being annoying in the forums

also for some reason gomez hasn't called me back so there goes that job

troy was cool. it was better than i expected. i liked alot of the disses and some of the tactics were good. also i didn't mind some certian scenes. shane and i were the only ones in the whole group to make the 2:19 northbound on the harlem line from fordham

i went back to NE after a monthlong absence (REMEMBER THE WIKIPEDIA (which is cool btw))

click here than click on the correct # (you can also be one of my officers if you want)

theres probly other stuff i forgot so i'll post back



global groupwork (both african and new one)
3 round trips for finals
SAT II review
finals review
NOAC course selection
NCC course selection
sandi job (receptionist)
gomez job (pc)
dad job (fence)
garbaje job (get back)



well my preblem is solved
i just gotta get around to implementing it


bx zoo

looking good for tomorrow
so confusing i'll probably be able to sneak out in the madness


server reorg and NS

welll it looks like i'll have FireHOL, htun, my WAP, and a seperate VPN for wireless
originally i was going to have one VPN systemand then use httptunnel to get to it from outside, but i like htun better
htun only runs on system with a tun/tap interface i think...so there is no windows version, tun/tap SEEMS to be linux only (won't work on other unicies)

oh yeah and sac is a traitor