hmm, maybe enom doesn't have to send it

"Your current registrar may also choose to confirm your intent to transfer using Confirmation of Registrar Transfer Request."

So this, which is more official than the Verisign thing I cited below, makes it sound like it was up to eNom. I guess they didn't want to.

I should goto sleep now; I'm glad I get a break from this crap over the weekend.

/me sighs.

this sheds some light; RESOLUTION

I'm not with Digital Brand Management, but this info applies universally, and the source, Verisign, is credible:

The biggest change to the policy is in the approvals required to transfer a domain name. The gaining registrar must receive authorization from the registrant or administrative contact prior to initiating a transfer request. Once a request is initiated, the losing registrar must send an approval notice to the registrant or administrative contact within 24 hours of receiving notification that there is a request to transfer the domain name. The losing registrar can only deny a transfer request if the registrant or administrative contact requests it to be denied, or for one of the other reasons specified by ICANN. This must be communicated to the potential gaining registrar and the end user.

So eNom didn't contact me (or perhaps they did, but I didn't get it), but they definetely should have. The good news is that it will be transferred on Wednesday. If I don't get that e-mail tommorrow, I'll ask eNom to (re)send it to me.

PS: Here's the reasons (from the same page) why eNom could deny it:
* Domain name was already locked
* Registered for less than 60 days
* Transferred to new registrar within the last 60 days
* Express objection from the administrative contact or registrant within the 5-day time frame
* Non-payment for a previous term
* Reasonable dispute over the identity of administrative contact or registrant
* Court Order
* UDRP action
* Evidence of fraud

I don't qualify for any of those.

PS: Oh wait, now i think I understand. Transfers ALWAYS take at least 5 days, because there is no option to "accept" it when the losing registrar notifies you. (You approve on the gaining side and deny on the losing side.) So it makes no difference whether eNom e-mails me. It will transfer on wednesday (that's why godaddy says 5-7 buisness days. it takes 5 to approve transfer by default and then i guess extra 2 for something else) I got definitive proof of ths theory from straight from ICANN: auth (what the godaddy e-mail looks like) conf (what the enom e-mail should look like)

BOTTOM LINE: I definetely should have recieved an e-mail from eNom by now, but it is possible that it was lost in the mail and not their fault. This doesn't matter unless I decide to cancel the transfer. Otherwise, the transfer will commence in 5 days. (just as GoDaddy says, but their wording is confusing: they say Pending Current Registrar Approval, when they are realy just waiting for the 5 days to end) There is no way to speed this process up. The bad news is that downtime will extend well into next week (I was hoping to be done with this by the weekend.), but at least this means I don't need to worry about a thing until wednesday. By then, I will be certian of my webhosting plan and hopefully everything will go smoothly from there.



yeah i unintentionally cut mentoring the other day
traendly offered me a way out, but pettus let me off easy anyway, w/ just 1 out of a mazimum 5 i think
also was great day to have jug. was raining earlier so was in theater, where o'malley was rehearsing the JB play. being an audience is much less boring than walking in circles. it was a bit annoying that he cut them off so much, but a few of his comments were hilarious.
good experience overall. i would have just been doing homework in the library if i didn't have jug, so was no big deal as long as i don't start racking up points and jugs.

still not contacted by enom

i am just hoping that they'll send it any second, and it's not like it wasn't lost
if i don't respond within 5 days, i think it's their call whether or not they wish to just decline at the last second (i think the five day rule was designed for cases where a registrar dies the way ipaska did, not if the admin contact dies), but if they go with the default then i'll be ok, but the transfer won't begin until wednesday :( i am losing so much email.
i could contact them
its possible that iPaska is saying they don't want the transfer.


more crap

This page sheds some light on why PENDINGTRANSFER just shows as ACTIVE when I type "whois ctengel.net"
Also, I'm now a gen[M]ayer

Woah that was fast; eNom knows of the transfer

I was just checking to see if eNom still considered ctengel.net to be "resold," and I noticed that their whois (in the global registry, it's still ACTIVE) says ctengel.net is PENDINGTRANSFER. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm assuming it's a "status" also used in the global registry and is therefore probably well-documented. (Global registry/whois database last updated Wed, 28 Sep 2005 14:08:32 EDT. That's similar to yesterday, so I'm guessing that at 2AM it will also update; seems like a thing done everyday at around 2 AM&PM EDT.)
OK so let me look up PENDINGTRANSFER...
OK, so pretty much PENDINGTRANSFER is a status that IS put into the global registry for .net (i think) right away, but does not usualy show up in usual public WHOIS. It means that it is impossible for any changes to be made to the domain (including expiration and other transfer requests) until the "losing" registry accepts or declines the transfer. They have 5 days to do this.
So GoDaddy told the registry who told eNom. I see why they give them 5 days, but I don't see why eNom would take more. I'm hoping they take care of this quickly. (essentially all they have to do is check with the admin contact and await confirmation. after that, they just tell GoDaddy and the registry they accept)

PS: They unlocked it 2005-09-27T17:45:35
PS: eNom still gives iPaska reseller power over my domain.

Transfer formally initiated

according to GoDaddy:

A transfer request for this domain has been submitted to your current registrar. We are waiting for approval. This process should be completed in 5-7 business days. You will be notified by email when the approval is received. Please check with your current registrar for more information.

At about 2:10 AM, the main whois thingie updated and made my domain officially ACTIVE.
When I got home, first thing I did was place a transfer order on GoDaddy.com. They checked with the admin contact (me) themselves, and just now they began to say the above.
The whole process from here on in is regulated by ICANN, VeriSign (maintainer of the .net TLD), etc. (this is the "red tape" part) GoDaddy files a formal request w/ eNom for the transfer. eNom can either accept or decline within like a week I think. (I heard of some rule out there that basically says that if there is no answer, it is assumed to be yes.) Now, each registrar can determine whether they accept or decline however they want (I think.), but since eNom is ICANN-accredited, they must e-mail me a standard form requesting my approval (the e-mail from GoDaddy was completely voluntary (on their part) and informal; perhaps they just do it save their time from having to deal w/ the red tape if the admin contact not want it anyway).
I'm not really sure why they think it will be 5 days. I see no reason for eNom not go go right ahead and ask me right away (unless they want to piss me off), but it might be due just due to inter-registrar red tape (what I have to go through is nothing compared to that, but they do it for a living so it's automated, usually). They might even need to use snail mail for some of it.
Anyway, I seem to remember hearing about transfers happening within like 72 hours, maybe even 24. Perhaps their 5-7 day count includes all the stuff that happens after the transfer is all approved and filed with the registry. (technical delays, such as the 2-12 hour delay eNom told me about from when they unlocked it to when it became really unlocked in the whois registry thingie)
Anyway, I'll be impatiently waiting for eNom to contact me, and after that waiting for GoDaddy to inform me that the other registrar approved the transfer. Once its safely on GoDaddy, away from the clutches of iPaska (I think they might be able to modify it still with their reseller account. I didn't actually get eNom to transfer control of the domain to my personal account; they just unlocked it.), I'll let iPaska know that I don't need their help w/ my domain; I just want my CD.


ctengel.net won't be transferred until tommorrow

my parents are asleep.
i should have approved the unlock before 2:10 today when i had the chance.
oh well.
I just hope it will be unlocked on the main whois thingie by the time i get home tommorrow; then i will file for the transfer immediately.
Due to red tape, that takes some time, plus waiting for the transfer itself to occur. then once all the dns stuff propogates, the domain should be running.
anyway, i'm gonna bet my domain will be fully functional by the weekend.
the next step (web hosting) does not really entail any red tape, and the only waiting might be either switching nameservers or waiting for new ns data to propogate

oh yeah, genmay

Cool board where I got loads of my info. I'd say thanks and share my $0.02, but my account isn't being approved for some reason. :(
So yeah, none of those people are me. Just a warning, there is alot of potentially offensive stuff allowed there.

Waiting impatiently for WHOIS to update

Bla, yeah, assuming eNom did what they said they did, there's nothing else they have to do for me.
I'm waiting for the main whois thingie to update to a point in time after 5:46 PM EDT:

>>> Last update of whois database: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 14:10:17 EDT <<<

eNom said could take up to 12 hours.
I just want it to happen before the parentals goto bed so I can perform the transfer with their credit card.
After that, the whole transfer process is very routine (no bull), cuz they're both respectable ICANN-accredited registrars. There is just some red tape I need to go through to clear the transfer, but at least no more bull.

At that point I won't lose any more e-mail (GoDaddy provides it free). I'll post here about it so anyone who needs to get anything to me can resend at that point.

Then perhaps over the weekend I'll arrange for web hosting, and then I'll do what I can until (if ever) I get my data CD from Australia. I'm probably gonna have to managee with a backup a few weeks old.

Speaking of backups, I really need to recover the data from the old cte-deb harddrive soon. OpenSL and pdgBB are both stalled due to this.

BTW: There's only two teams I want to lose. Boston (as always, not to mention we're tied) and Clevland (in case Boston beats us, at least we'll have the wildcrd)

eNom rocks

They just unlocked my domain, they say it will be on the main registry servers soon.
Once that happens, then I can initiate the transfer to GoDaddy.


eNom will hopefully be to the rescue

Other refugees have reported that eNom has been very helpful with all of this.
They can simply switch the domain from the reseller's account to an account you can create for free.
I just shot off an e-mail asking them to do this for me; I hope it works.
Then at that point I will just unlock it and have GoDaddy transfer it. (eNom is asking like $30/year or something rediculous like that.)

PS: For some reason, my domain doesn't expire until 2007...I could have sworn that it was about to expire in 2005, and so I renewed it like a month in advance with http://domain.ipaska.com/ for like $7.50 (I think the actual registrar was eNom for that transaction as well.), but maybe it went through twice or something? My dad didn't complain about it going through twice on the credit card. Anyway, upon transferring to GoDaddy, it won't expire until 2008 (GoDaddy adds a year on along with the 7.95 transfer deal (of course plus the 25-cent ICANN tax))


At least iPaska isn't leaving me hanging

Due to unfortunate events, we have shutdown - any customers who do not have backups and would like to obtain their account data, please email via the following link: support@ipaska.net.

I e-mailed him about that and about getting my domain unlocked.
Hopefully it will get unlocked soon so I can transfer it to GoDaddy, and then I can use their free catch-all e-mail thing for the moment.
Right now, I'm pretty sure all of the e-mail being sent there is ending up in the twilight zone.

I currently plan to host with http://www.made2own.com/ since I'm getting a special deal by knowing the guy who owns it on some forums, and also might be getting it even cheaper. (He is planning something special for ex-ipaskaers; he was an archrival of the ipaska guy or something.)

BTW: This thread has a lot of good coverage on the downtime: http://www.genmay.net/showthread.php?t=576531

omg, ENOM may not be much help to me

So: GoDaddy says that to transfer, they e-mail your admin contact for approval and then they tell ur registrar they want to transfer. Usually ur registrar will then check w/ u.
My ICANN registrar is officilly ENOM, not iPaska (thank God), but, I was just checking with enom and found this out:

Since your domain was acquired through one of our resellers, you will need to contact them directly for assistance with your domain name, login or DNS assistance. We do not have access to this data. Their contact information can be listed above for your convenience after you submit your domain name.

Also, your reseller has the tools and the capability to:

1. Register your nameservers for you.
2. Set you up with a password to access your name.
3. Set or remove registrar locks at any time.
4. Add, change, or alter contact information for your domain names.
5. Set, or change nameservers for your domain names.
6. Answer any questions regarding billing or services that they provide.
7. Renew your domain.

Your reseller will be happy to help you access your domain name to change any information that needs to be changed.

So therefore I can't unlock it. Luckily my admin contact e-mail is ok (CJB actually does something right for a change; i'm not pissed at them any more, i never paid a cent for their services.).
I'm going to tell godaddy to try and transfer it. Hopefully they'll try and get enom to transfer it even though it's locked and hopefully enom will have enough sense to ask me if i want to unlock it.

iPaska sucks

if i had the time, i'd go thru the hassle of a domain transfer right now. i think i might have locked it though. worst case i go right to the registrar, ENOM. Cuz the iPaska registration service is dead.

(oh yeah, i might never get e-mail you try to send to ctengel.net, so try engleman@gmail.com)


i'm here

I'm seriously thinking Wordpress.