damn it
the netgear server went down just when i was gonna get new firmware
so far so good
i think my dad's laptop actually automatically connected with it right after i plugged it in
but i beefed up the security and it isn't connected anymore

but anyway there's a big bug in this firmware that won't let me stop SSID broadcast and such


mari is done

now tomorrow i will show mari how to use the DB so he can do whatever he wants with it

tons of mari work

i have it in the bag for monday
i will approach him about a demo


archive index

no clue what the point is, but look if u want



just ordered :-D


unlce doug LAN

again i have been hired to do a job for my uncle
oh yeah also looks like i'm getting another building contract...this time for 3 pcs, all the same they want them


shall die

oh yah also another todo item


andreysak is back

i suspect he used my method
anyhow, talks are under way for the free states to rejoin


i'm looking thru what else shall be posted from IM's and such
this is just a summary

Free States of Fordham Prep

i will be posting logs of talks soon


compiled from looking at blog archive

blog everything
engel-news system
phpBB 2.0.8 upgrade
NE forums - post pix (physical and SS)
rip VHS's
/. - playfair followup at SL
WINE - try real windoze
Bochs - run win95 under
MARI - do what he wants, extensibility unnecessary
SL,suprnova,pd101 - get everything
procrastination book
finish DOCBOOK about me
upgrade singapore
scans of various things
gtodo webui
p238 site
PDG+nationstates integrate
OA bhood
BSA - 90 day programs
NCC - final signup
firewall - port fwding
jabber server
upload CaGl's PC pix
ChGe - move /usr, fix perl
vacaition homework
move some stuff to Tripod UK (singapore perhaps?)
port math factorizer to calc (perhaps other cheating tools)
write the morals thing
PDG viral framework
PDG - debian tunnel (also in this side for WAP and stuff)
register some dot.tks (some additional frees and pay for some existing)
PDG forums - recent topics
AIM checker (gaim plugin)/MitM (maybe e-mail too)
check for - new acrFlorida activity
revive radio
talk to ppl
clean up the code
redo pdg registration
release more code
redo whole ad system
get a job
acr <-> alex nhtrain ???
think of some way to get on /. ("the code" maybe)
establish intra-SL backup communication system, including emergency button (hook up with the SlSk transfer)
voice on radio
fake FHU news
play various games
sanitize ChGe /home/chris from "the code"
organize "coolpix" and make site (discussed in NE) (singapore???)
try freebsd etc on krissa comp (backup)
do sumthin about old laptop
read /.
come up with derivs for the actual db

bold means good chance will be done by vacation
italics means done
both means almost done


first rip

i just made an excellent rip of some of AJ/Neel footage....looks good....will probably have whole collection by end of vacation


Expulsion from SETON???

Is it possible
most say it has never happened
wel folks it may now
the following is mostly from rumors and speculation
very little has been confirmed
AT threstened the life of a teacher, using a fellow student's "website" to make ikt look like TG did it
his house - searched
the police were at seton
AOL removed the offending content


weekend todo

  1. fully working Mari applet
  2. homework due monday
  3. mari database WebGUI
  4. phpBB 2.0.8
  5. play some games
  6. Mari Documentation
  7. PDG polls
  8. ENgleman Documentation
  9. fake newspaper scan

well this is more of a saturday todo
since i wasted all of today
and my dad's family always celebrates Easter on Palm Sunday