nation states

i've been sucked in

PDG is taking over

i have a very sneaky idea for a MitM AIM attack

umm...i DJed a party for pinko (least i could do for $40)


CTE Networks Radio

We're BACK!!!


phpbb 2.1.2 test

cool huh

in other news: the pix that i got w/ pinko's pda were crappy
bf:v coming out (and me geetting) tomorrow
frequent mcgee sightings
i got some MN trains for MSTS


good day

my day was great....i have so little homework...all these girls
but pinko forgot his PDA!!!!!!!!!!!!
there was somethign else but i forgot


long term todo (all by october 2004)

style pdg site/forums (make them one)
completely finish mari app
make mari app like the original specs
IP-over-HTTPS tunnel
push for popularity (perhaps persue the register veryone idea)
course selection

jabber server
radio station
make site
make DNS tidy
release the millions of lines of code i have written over the years
put SL ad elsewhere/make own ad system

get a job
goto TYM so my dad quits bugging me
write autobiography


SL Advertising

I am participating in Intimy's program to get more impressions by featuring his banner on a few of my mini-sites.

  • prep forums
  • PDG site
  • CTE Galleries
  • CTE old-"dynamic" site
  • CTE old-forums

the ppp

this is scary, dobbins is actually starting to make sense


(01:14:09) Chris: my todo for thisweekend:
(01:14:16) Chris: -finish up mari
(01:14:35) Chris: -write that ten recent topics thing
(01:14:58) Chris: -resurrect the p238 site
(01:15:31) Chris: next weekend:
(01:15:38) Chris: -a couple more mods
(01:16:12) Chris: -mari - homework farmr (i give it my homework, it figures out rest)
(01:16:25) Chris: -start to resurrect my glorius aim checker
(01:16:34) Pinko: lol
(01:16:35) Chris: in fact i shoud blog this
(01:16:42) Pinko: yeah

(01:19:12) Chris: scratch that
(01:19:26) Chris: i'm gonna do more dyndns stuff next weekend than mods


mari project

check it out!!


  • Sorry for lack of posts
  • I've been mad busy
  • The prep forums are closed probably at least until friday, because I'm busy.
  • CJB's DNS has been hacked. I am hoefully switching to DynDNS soon.
  • I am hoping to register engleman.tk and use it as a "portal" to all Engleman enterprises stuff. Right now it just points here. I will also have like cte-debian.engleman.tk insteard of cteserver.cjb.net.
  • Check out the music video, Korn - Y'all Wnat a Single?.
  • My life isn't good.
  • probably won't goto fricking dance.
  • arca just rose from the dead, now i'm pissed.