Minucaus 0.0.4 in CVS!

CTE Development: Project Minucaus

Yep that's right. After a few weeks being too busy, I've managed to ready the code for CVS.

I know, 0.1.0 is overdue, but I said a while ago that it would take a while. There will probably be one or two more 0.0.x tags in CVS before I finish the docs and so forth necessary for 0.1.0.

0.0.4 is CVS-only (no tarballs (aside from the CVS nightly) will be available) version. More details on the site, and if you can't do that, then just wait for 0.1.0.

google maps and keyhole

wow i feel dumb
i completely forgot about google's acquisition of keyhole
but that was a long time ago, i think before google maps
that explains the sattelite maps

Slashdot | Apple Sued over Tiger, Injunction Sought

I guarantee you that few people (if anyone) will be buying Mac OS X 10.4 just because it's called Tiger. I doubt even more that anyone is buying it out of association with those ^(**&%$% at Tiger Direct.

How the (*^#%#% can you trademark the name of an animal?????

I've never bought anything from Tiger Direct, but I've thought about it. Now with this *^*&^*, I think it's unlikely that I ever will.

Apple has a much better reputation than Tiger Direct, so if any association is going on, I think that Tiger Direct would be benefiting.

Why do they wait until now? Probably to be as annoying as possible.

Oh now isn't this interesting: TigerDirect specialises in selling computer parts, but not those that would be capable of running Mac OSX.
So that makes the assosiation between the two even less likely, but makes a motive more apparent. If Apple's Mac OS 10.4 is as good as it's supposed to be, perhaps it will be taking some buisness away from PC (non-apple) retailers.

Anyway, TigerDirect is #2 in google, while Apple is #4. #1 and #3 are sites about the untrademarked animal.


Slashdot | Snails Edge Out ADSL

I think I could get Sir Spankee to beat them, but I think the point is to say that ADSL is slower than a snail.
Seriously, read it.


yay richard!!!

Slashdot | RMS Weighs in on BitKeeper Debacle


Slashdot | The Institute for Backup Trauma

Slashdot | The Institute for Backup Trauma
somewhat funny


Blog Permalink

Please use http://permalink.ctengel.net/001-001/blog/* whenever linking to http://engleman.blogspot.com/* from now on.
No set date for closing my Blogger account.
Even then I don't intend to close my BlogSpot account, however an EE permalink is more reliable.



New pope: Pope Benedict XVI - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Joseph Alois Ratzinger"

The bus strike is nearing an end. Andy Spano announced a tentative agreement.
Needs to be ratified by union members (majority popular vote i think).
Also, all workers are up for re-certification, which takes 3 days. So in a best case situation, I won't have a bus until monday.

Slashdot | Microsoft to Release a Thin-Client Windows XP

Smart move for them. They don't want to die along with the PC.


Open ShareLive

I'm very pleased with the progress I've been making.
Most of my other projects have slowed as a result.
I guess this shows what I really enjoy most: plain coding.

I'm retarted

I can remove the clip from the leather case eaisily...so I guess I will be using it.
Credit goes to shane for showing me how.

So anyway, yeah, I'll be answering my phone alot more, and be on AIM w/ ctecellfone more often...so much eaiser w/ this phone...free program from VZW getItNow works on top of the terrible TXT msg <-> AIM system.

also the battery seems to be working fine now


Coming soon iPaska thingie

cpanel2.jpg (JPEG Image, 782x1052 pixels)
I must say I'm looking forward to it.

SAT2 & phpBB & misc

April 29th
probly too late for APCSA...maybe i'll prep over the summer and try to get APCSAB in the fall??

phpBB 2.0.12


vz getpix??? pixplace???


NCC $ nxt week
better way to move delitem in CVS?
howto restore deleted file (from attic) in CVS
other cool CVS stuff need to find out
install meehan stuff
PDG crap
pack for school
school HW
set alarm
fairly soon: minucaus 0.1.0, RAID crap, hq.ctengel.net, opensl site
distant: sell lappy, buy Apple PowerBook


phone, sharelive, minucaus

I got the LG VX6100, and am very happy with it. The only annoying thing is that the leather case (came free w/ the phone due to some employee deal) cannot be separated from it's beltclip. I do have the regular plastic beltclip/"holster" that came with the phone, which is easily separated from the phone, but I want to use the leather one as protection against scratches, etc. It's brand new now, so I guess my feelings of wanting to protect it will lessen as it grows older.

I am now actively developing on opensharelive. See the ViewCVS thingie for our project in order to see what I'm up to (username: chris52389; syncs with main CVS server every 5 hours).

Project Minucaus should be reaching 0.1.0 fairly soon, I hope. Development will be moved to CVS at that point.



Engleman Enterprises release: We no longer depend on CJB Management, Inc. for any services.
I must say, they suck.
We intend to keep all free accounts open with them and soon intend to automatically inform the user/sender that, whatever you used to have to do thru them, you can now do directly within the Engleman Enterprises-owned ctengel.net.
Just a few words for any enterprising minors such as myself: buying at least one TLD is worth it. Get one now! The longer you wait, the more you will depend on domains that YOU don't control. You don't even need one of those hosting plans. Just register the domain and have it redirect all traffic to the array (used to be massive in my case, but getting smaller) of free services you use. That way, you can always (as long as IANA has authority over gTLD's---trust me, it isn't going anywhere anytime soon). If your DNS host or even registrar starts giving BJ's, then you just transfer. If they don't let you, I've heard of people who complain to ICANN or someone like that and they get 'cut.'
Anyway, also iPaska rocks. Alot. They don't normally point subdomains at other IP's, but I opened a support ticket, and a few short hours later the president manually edited the zonefile (i think that's what he called it) to accomidate hq.ctengel.net pointing to none other than cte-debian (formerly cteserver.cjb.net)....I am now ready to purify and cleanse EE from CJB links....this will take a while. But now that I own the domain, no worries.

I got to go to bed now. Bottom line: CJB sucks (i guess i didn't elaborate enough yet), get your own domain name, iPaska has excellent reliability and support. Others may give you more disk space or bandwidth for the buck, but many of them over-sell/-load their hardware and staff. Anyway, how can the man Sam Burnett be wrong????

I'm writing a quick&dirty grade calculator (you give it your first 3 quarters, it tells u what ur year grade will be based on each possible 4th q grade (A-F)

PS: If you can't resolve hq.ctengel.net, then your ISP's DNS sucks. So quit complaining and switch ISPs if you can't wait.

Slashdot | Slashback: Pie, Election, Alarm

I don't see these too often...a whole bunch interesting stuff.

Germany is cool...and so is this Welte dude

Slashdot | Munich Court Again Enforces GPL


Slashdot | Linus Defends Proprietary File Formats

These liars had me going for a while...until i read T's update. I was shocked!

Slashdot | Randomly Generated Paper Accepted to Conference

Holy crap. I want to go there.

SourceForge.net: Project Info - Open ShareLive

I am now an official developer on the OpenShareLive project thingie, and I hope to make good contributions.
(this thing's got potential...alot more than any of my own crap...it will probably take away some of my time (although i still want to get minucaus 0.1.0 and write a rendering engine good enough for my site; and of course the raid server is still being worked on))


Slashdot | Laser Warnings Planned for Out-of-Bounds Pilots

...and then they can use the lasers as targets for seeker missiles to blow the plane up before it impacts anything important (if it is indeed terrorist-controlled)

I'm in one of those Apple laptop moods again

Why the hell don't I just buy a PowerBook G4. Cheapest model is $1500, and it's fine.
light, small, cool os preloaded, no temptation of running windows, supports most of my favorite unix apps
I sell this heavy desktop-replacement for like $900 or so, and I only gotta come up with $600 (which I'm probably close to with all those uncashed paychecks). Shipping is free!
I'd wait till tiger (nick for OSX 10.4 i think) comes out in less than a month, but after that...why the hell not?


If OptOnline signs this *(*(*^%&^%$&*$& then I'm switching to something else; anything!!!


Slashdot | Experimental Transistor Breaks 600 Gigahertz

Slashdot | Experimental Transistor Breaks 600 Gigahertz

LG Page for thhe VX 6100

LG USA :: Products
I think I wants an addditional battery and carrying case.

LG VX6100

OK looks like this will be the one I'll get, unless someone convinces me that tri-mode isn't necessary.

Narrowed it down to five phones

Leave a comment if you know anything about them:

  • Audiovox CDM8910
  • LG VX4500
  • LG VX6100
  • Samsung SCH-a670
  • LG VX7000 (Black)
There is also a chance that I may be able to get something over $100 for free. If that is the case, the following phones up to $200 are in the running, but I haven't looked closely at any of them (I'm not going to think about anything above that unless I find out conclusively that I can go that high.)
  • Kyocera KX2
  • LG VX8000
Anyway, I'll be looking more closely at the first five over this week, and will be acquiring my favorite over the weekend.

UPDATE: Check this out, it's on the page for every "all digital phone" (which, until now, I thought was a good thing):
When digital service is not available your device will not operate or be able to make 911 calls.

So that's pretty scary. I've been places with analog-only on my "tri-mode" LG VX10. While I suppose they are increasing their digital coverage and it seems that most phones are going that way (out of my 7, only the VX6100 and the kyocera are tri-mode), it scares me from a safety standpoint.
This might explain why I had it easier up at Read with my phone. Perhaps most others had "all digital" phones.
I need to find more about this issue, but if my fears are confirmed, it is higly likely that I will go with the LG VX6100.

Slashdot | Google Hacking for Penetration Testers

Slashdot | Google Hacking for Penetration Testers

Slashdot | BitKeeper Love Triangle: McVoy, Linus and Tridge

Slashdot | BitKeeper Love Triangle: McVoy, Linus and Tridge

SourceForge.net: Project of the Month

All of these are worth a look.


Slashdot | Linus Drops Bitkeeper

not surprising
i guess rms will be happy

Google isn't evil!!!

Google Search: 10458
This seems to be rather noble of them. If you type in a zip code, it doesn't just ask you if you want a map from Google. It also has a link for Yahoo and MapQuest. Even more interesting about this is that Yahoo fairly recently cut off their relations with Google (Yaho search used to essentially be Google rebranded.). Sure Google is listed first, but the fact that they still prominently show the other two (not just based on PageRank) is amazing to me.

How could I miss the best April Fool Day 2005 Joke in the Universe?

I love the way he captures the crappiness of some sites, but the subject matter is somewhat disturbing. Then again, his entire site is disturbing. I think it's intentional.


Overall Progress Report

Minucaus version 0.0.3 should be out soon, as well as a roadmap for the near future. I hope for version 0.1.0 to be ready over the next 2 weeks, but unfortunately that is not likely.

As far as my site goes, it will be running Minucaus when I decide that Minucaus is ready. Once a centralized menu is in place, I will do my very best to index everything out there.

As far as the PDG forums go, not much is happening. Very little activity. Possibly will be de-classifying most/all information on the Pinko case. I should completely upgrade soon. I also want to release some more code associated with the site, but it is tricky to do as much of it is very well embedded within code from the main branch of phpBB.

As far as the avatar size limitation MOD goes, I do want to do it. When the phpBB site was taken down a while back I kind of just forgot about it. No reason why PDG wouldn't get it.

My broken phone will be replaced fairly soon (this weekend or next) by a new Verizon one. I'm kind of hoping for one with a camera.

My schoolwork is going alright. OK, so I probably lie. I don't care.

I am planning two new permalinks: my personal blog (based on datetime and/or Blogspot URL) and Minucaus.

The infamous (bla bla bla) RAID storage system has undergone most of the physical work involved. Biggest problem so far is the crappiness of that old case. You can't fit more than 3 5 1/4" devices easily. I got hung up on it and wasted alot of time. I came up with a quick but temporarily effective work around and I went on. More details later. The preused HD still isn't ready for wiping. There is a slight chance that will get done this weekend.

The CTE Net image galleries (Singapore) have been down for far too long. What is it, like august now??? I've colected many images worthy of inclusion since then, and would like to release them. Perhaps I shall temporarily use a freebie?

No progress on 3-7,9-11, and I suppose 12, but I must start very soon with a few, esp 040910. Maybe tomorrow. Actually, I already announced the beginning of one in this document.

I plan to do something with the Wiki sooner or later. Including upgrading.

Remember CTE Radio? It's been haunting me recently. I want to at least put something on that wiki page.

Jabber is another thing I'd like to do, but realistically speaking, I never will.

General web hosting dept:

  • Now that I have a few things sorted out with iPaska, a switch is less likely. I'd still like to speak with Mr. Pasqualone.
  • The whole old.cteserver.cjb.net thing reallly really has to be fixed. I want to go thru everything on there and make an index or something and maybe permalink some stuff. The redirection situation really sucks right now.
  • I would like to have a ctengel.net subdomain point to another IP.

I'm probably forgetting something else, and will make a subsequent post if I realise it.

My life is still terrible, and it is mostly my fault. Either that or something so far beyond my control that it takes an MD to even basically understand or diagnose. Probably a combination of both.

May Pope John Paul II rest in peace.


iPaska US 7 - Satisfaction Guarantees

Wow. Too bad I just noticed these.
I didn't know I could get credit for monthly downtime...I always just thought there was the yearly 99.5% guarantee.
I could have saved some money.

Slashdot | No More BitKeeper Linux

I remember RMS blasted Linus for using non-free stuff a while ago.
Here's a real "told ya so."

well that was fast

not sure what happened....will probably find out soon


It seems that all of iPaska stuff is dead to the world.
My domain is certianly OK, but the DNS servers hosting it are owned by iPaska.
Appears like a major data center failure or something.
I'm starting the downtime clock now.
If this is still going on on friday, I'm going to find at least temporary accomodations for ctengel.net.
I don't think this will be long.
Only 2nd problem ever I had with them, and the first was just a minor local MySQL issue (too many connections).


Slashdot | Google Adds Satellite Imagery to Maps

This definetely gives Google a leg up in the competition.

Too bad it isn't that detailed for around my area. The USGS does better in this field, but again, the USGS doesn't do directions.

I'm at school, so that's all for now.

Slashdot | Feds Hack Wireless Network in 3 Minutes

That's why I go through so much pain to use WPA. WEP, the only other eaisily available and practical (for me) security thingie, sucks



-VZ phone
-train form
-FFX: Khimari lancet stone gaze; treasure under starecase&behind counter


Slashdot | MGM Concedes Some Fair-Use Rights Exist


Newegg.com - Zonet Technologies, Inc. ZEW1500 Network - Wireless Adapters

getting this for my dad's lappy


Slashdot | Pentagon to Significantly Cut CS Research

Slashdot | Pentagon to Significantly Cut CS Research
In some ways i say the gov't should stay out, but look at the Internet.
Al Gore didn't invent it! A DARPA-funded project did!
Anyway, it's probably not that big of a deal. I haven't heard of anything useful from DARPA since arpanet.

Slashdot | Modified Prius gets up to 180 Miles Per Gallon

Slashdot | Modified Prius gets up to 180 Miles Per Gallon

Pope John Paul II

Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Karol Wojtyla

died today.

I know its rather off-topic of this blog, but it's not every day that a pope dies.

Minucaus v 0.0.3 prerelease info

is now available on the minucaus page
turns out that the code for both main caching and the cteXSLT shared library work fine in 0.0.3. just a few things you need to do to get them working if you got a normal PHP5 setup.
more details on exactly howto do that are on that page (in case you can't wait for me to finish up 0.0.3)


this vacation has sucked

my fault too
i'm thinking i should just completely blow off school and see how my grades end up
i can always make up for it in the 4th quarter....and there are only 2 subjects that i could possibly get below a b in for the year (without failing a quarter)...i think....i should work out the math first
this idea is enticing
i'd probably get something constructive and/or enjoyable done

i guess i sleep soon....work tommorrow

who am i kidding. my entire life will suck until i am "advised"

Slashdot | ThinkGeek ThinkGeek ThinkGEEK!

Slashdot | ThinkGeek ThinkGeek ThinkGEEK!


not enough time to finish
i will jsut be silently mirroring stuff from now on today


http://homestarrunner.com/faq.html new???
parts came a while back...still haven't started work
i won't be doing any more minucaus work this vacation...everything i have done is released


Cenqua: The Commentator

Cenqua: The Commentator
this one is pretty funny

slashdot article
another not as funny thing from the same guys

star trek meets south park

Maybe from now on i'll just post the interesting ones from slashdot

maybe april fools (say some commentators)

The Apple Blog � Apple To Release Home Media Center: iHome (mirrordot)

More april fools from ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek :: Fundue - desktop USB Fondue Set

April Fools - HSR

Finally At Last!!!

I've decided to jsut hit blog this on every one i see.
I'm too lazy to nicely ompile them

(note: you can still see everything else by getting 404ed!!!)

I have a local copy of this.

More April fools from slashdot

Should have noticed it first, here's the rest at slashdot (up to now)

If they post more, I'll report!

PS: I am maintaining local copies of most of these.

April Fools

Here's my first catch of the day.
Slashdot | Google Moves Into Drink Market
New! Google Gulp - quench your thirst for knowledge.

More to come for sure!

PS: Sorry, I don't have anything special for today. I'm too busy for that. Maybe next year.