jolt OK

my jolt (24 20oz bottles) is in NYC as of today (it was shipped from a warehouse in NJ.



CTE-HQ now offers IEEE 802.11g-complient wireless internet access!
We use WPA-PSK, and if you want the "pre-shared key" you'll need to ask me.



ctenetchecker: i forgot my password to switch the cteserver.cjb.net DNS to point to my new IP
ctenetchecker: https://pdg.cteserver.cjb.net/ ->
(11:10:42) ctenetchecker: http://cteserver.cjb.net:81/ ->
(11:11:05) ctenetchecker: http://cg.cteserver.cjb.net:81/ ->

oh yeah: my laptop is in


i hate vacation

stuff will be down. alot.
until sunday
call/txt-msg my cell in case of emergency



  • backup server (waiting for parts to come in, still gotta decide on an os (obviously will be a free unix clone, either *bsd (probly FreeBSD) or a linux distro (probably Debian Woody)) - gotta make sure it works or else get shane's POS

  • WAP - i think i need shane for this or someone else with a semi-normal setup, still have to decide on DHCP

  • tunnel - this is necessary for both the WAP and for PDG...all i trally need its the TUN/TAP shit in the kernel (so that the tunnel daemon process can communicate with the kernel which in turn provides it as a regular interface for firehol to take care of)

  • school summer work - G2H and RS2

  • pix DB

  • AIM presence

  • complete VHS rips and scans (next time noones home probably)

NOTE: this list is in no way meant to replace this other TODO and the MEGA TODO rollup before (but in case of conflict, this takes precedense)

mean girls is an OK movie
the week of july 4th, there will be free downloads of just about everything i got (asuming fairfield university has similar accomodations for NCC as SHU)


ups, kvm, burner

see pdg forums


mesa back

wow its good to be back....i'm done with finals. in general i think i did well.
SAT2 i did OK in as well, at least a 650 i would say, probably higher

shareaza 2.0 has been released