sry arca and pix

sorry, arca must have just left
(17:58:14) TheV4nd41: web interface but you can acess it different ways... i just do web interface
(17:59:27) Chris: ok i see. is there SSH?
(17:59:39) TheV4nd41: yeah i think so
(17:59:44) Chris: ok good
(18:00:01) Chris: i plan to have some stable code ready within a week
(18:00:04) TheV4nd41: k
(18:00:17) Chris: i can do the development on my box then upload stable stuff to yours
(18:00:47) Chris: the admin interface is almost ready
(18:00:47) TheV4nd41 : if you're reading this you obviously are oblivious to the little yellow notepad aren't you ;)
so there you have it folks everything's OK

the pix are some that i have uploaded from cait's pc to mine
they are in temp
just doing a test, i know some don't work


Well I just was at the gleason's house.
Mr. Gleason returned the signal booster after i found out and told him that it would be in violation of FCC rules to use it with anything but Linksys's 802.11b stuff (not to mention it wouldn't work).
He also exchanged the linksys 802.11b card and got a motorola 802.11g card.
they guy who sold him the crap was fired. (no really, i'm serious, that's what mr. G told me anyway)
so anyway (after realizing that the card wasn't in the PCI slot properly) i quickly got it to work.
Mrs. G told me that yesterday she got it to work, but after restart it didn't work (same as me)
Caitlin was complaining about slow computer so i deleted all this spyware and kazaa and crap she didn't need.
Nicole and Christine Kemp were there.
Mr. G sed it was ok that i allow access to lincoln again so i have re-opened the vhs rips page

(17:49:48) Chris: hey
(17:49:54) TheV4nd41: hey
(17:50:05) Chris: i got a few ?s about the hosting
(17:50:21) TheV4nd41: okay
(17:50:22) TheV4nd41: ask
(17:51:14) Chris: does it have MySQL 3, PHP 4, and at least i guess 10 MB of database space plus i guess about 20 MB of regular file space
(17:54:08) Chris: oh yeah what is the "access method (i.e web interface, SSH, phpmyadmin, MySQL)
(17:54:08) TheV4nd41 : ribs and chicken on the barbie :)
obviously he doesn't seem to really care (look at the timestamps)

i have a few pix for y'all coming soon


more todo

build pc for cousin
scan more pix (sample)
upgrade and style singapore
backup VHS, VHS-C, hard drive, and DVD
post more video

Christmas Stuff

Sorry for the lack of recent posts (I guess you can blame KaiCzar for it too.).
Here's what I got for christmas:

  • TV Tuner
  • Revolution OS
  • Homestar-runner T-shirt
  • 24 cans of Jolt Cola
  • blanket
  • towel
  • Free SOftware, Free Society, by RMS (book)
  • a bunch of other books
  • $120 cold, hard cash
  • candy
  • cool tie (i forgot what was on it, and i'm too lazy to find out)
  • FP Jacket
  • a bucnh of junk

i think that's it, but i'm not sure

in other news:
i haven't really been following my schedule
SL 1.5 is out! (the public now has access)
I still haven't been able to talk to Arca, hopefully he'll be available for at least 5 minutes, simletaneous with me, so that there's a chance of moving the forums. I'm putting a freeze on new features until then.
I just realized that my scanner is capable of up to 48x the resolution (a major factor in determining quality) that i thought it was
CTE Network's galleries are being upgraded to latest version of Singapore, being updated with new pix and pix of higher quality (mainly from scanner), beign re organized, and (Yes you hear right) STYLED!
The video-only version of the madbigfire is coming soon. (i think i will charge for the audio (yes it's that funny))
this blog will stay put for the time being
you can still access the lincoln and esb video (not that hard to figure out, just guess at URLs (based on old ones)), but i'm leaving it up to you

  • follow christmas schedule
  • do pdg work
  • write that gtodo web interface
  • do a little work for P238
  • free up some more space for Gentoo
  • install M$ Windoze (yes i know it's sad but i miss my games!) :'(
  • do work on my seceret project

well folks
umm...urr...uhh...yea (new slogan)

  • I also have to build a PC for my cousin.
  • I also got Pirates of The Carribean.


Revolution OS

I just got the "movie" revolution OS on DVD.


don't ask me what does something mean

...without checking out this


VIdeo Releases

that's right.
i got my capture card working and have released two videos to you.
one is English Skateboarders Wiping out in London: 2nd Edition
the other is the licoln movie
they are both crappy quality, the capture card is capable of more, i just want to make the download small
if i ever make the DVD, trust me, it will look alot better

EDIT:have deleted for time being



I've decided to plan ahead.
Here's my work and what i have planned to do by when:
(link to chrisgentoo)


status, still no stories

i'm still not bored enough to post about the happenings that i've been missing

  • bus this morning
  • no january train pass yet
  • dad unplugs cable modem then blames me
  • bacon, egg & cheese on roll
  • great day ahead
  • can get picked up from any train at NWP
  • tommorow i think i got to be someplace
  • sunday i'll be at my uncle's for christmas


i'm back

seems like shane hasn't posted except that once
anyway i'm bored now
i will tell you all about what happened during the suspension (as well as the day of the second contination of 2 classes) later today or tommorow

current status:

  • bus
  • 1 free
  • an F in music
  • forgot to bring religion grades signed
  • gifts - OK
  • bio contract - decent and in on time



i've got so much work to do
I am volunatarily suspending this blog until 5th period on thursday
shane, you may post, but i won't be active
the best way to see what i'm up to durning this time is to check the FP Forums

shane is a moron

(my new slogan)

Im Here

this is my 1st blog



PDG Forums

Pinko just launched a campaign to recruit new users for the forums.
Arca wants to be an admin but I can't let him.
I just setup a new system for moderation of the forums for clubs and sports.
Each club/sport gets a group named [NAME] MODs. That group has moderation priveledges for its respective forum. The moderator of the group is the club president, club moderator, or a club member appointed by either one of the first two.
I have made Pinko in charge of all sports temporarily, giving him a cool rank.

Chili and flu shot

Trip home as planned
my dad said he was getting flu shot at town hall (18+ only), so he went to SO DAM HOT
I had chili in the car.
at town hall, I ended up getting shot because there were many cancellations and the medical requirement was just a weight of > 100 lbs
so now i'm home, later than expected

LotR: RotK

Mr. Mari will be leaving during 7th period on thursday. I may or may not go.

school today

Weather was bad this morning.
Lakeland closed.
Fordham regular.
Dad drove to 7:33 at NWP (though we left at regular 7:01 time).
Since I missed 7:05, we did doughnut run.
The 7:37 at White Plains was only four cars, compared to the usual eight.
The train from Mt Ver West was late.
Mrs. Bulis was late.
No assembly during mentor.
Carney gave short quiz, then we laded up bus for POTS then free.
Pettus was absent. Ahern personally congratulated (for doing right thing) and dismissed us.
Pearl test easy.
Will be on 3:43 getting picked up. Will be home by 5:00.

blog's future

  1. KaiCzar poster
  2. template (style) improve/fix
  3. comment system
  4. move somwhere better


ok i'm gonna go to bed now
i still have to inish bio+math, but everything else is complete
so i'll play sc4 about 15 minutes then sleep


here i am, look at the timestamp



allright i have a ton of reading left, all other homework is done.
therefore tonight seems good
also contributing is the weather and the strong possiblity of strep

i took the hell test (read previous) and got a 35
i said yes a bit more liberally

LIAR, gleasons, hell test, jabber, pd101, HOMEWORK, other

Got lots of news for you all.
This will be last post of day, probably.
(I'm testing both h4 and h5 to see which is better)

LIAR (what else is new)

I still didn't stay up.

gleasons WiFi

I didn't get it to work, even after reading the manual.
Caitlin has Internet access in her room now, though.
But Mr. GLeason doesn't anymore.
Caitlin makes good cookies.
Gateway cases (at least the one i tried) doesn't have normal expansion bays.

Hell Test from SL

I read about this test in a thread in the SL forums.
WARNING: This test contains semi-explicit material which may not be suitable for those under 17.
I'm on #36 and only have a 3 so far.

Jabber in Bulliten Boards

SL may implement Jabber and CTE Networks (PDG) definetly will when phpBB 2.2 is released.

Pleasure Dome 101

I found this great site and am registered there.
I found out about it from InNYC, a moderator at SL, who is a moderator there.

I've got too much.



rush hour and wine don't play well

rush hour isn't working as easily as sc4 did
i can't install it

so right now i will update a few ebuilds then do homework
then fair/gleasons
homework is huge:

  1. Global: Rome Essay
  2. English: Read The Pearl
  3. Religuin: Memorize the Shema
  4. a bunch of Bio stuff
  5. Math+Latin: cant do it yet, kaiser has books

not to mention i have to write a book report on and read The Double Helix by James Watson by thursday

so umm i'm officially busy
perhaps tonight i will do the stuff that i want to do

old pages of mine

I've discovered a cool service.
Here are a few pages of mine in the WayBackMachine:


maybe tonight
right now trying to get rush hour to work


reading, tonight

Allright I need to do a lot of reading tonight.
When I become active again, I will:

so hopefully i can make it!
tommorrow i'll be going to the gleason's.


I've just realized there is no way on earth that I can afford a good laptop anytime soon. Send me money!

orthodontist retires, pizza hut sicilian, tv tuner, and more

well tonight i have a few news stories

my orthodontist is leaving the pracice so i will be seeing my sister's for my april appointment

Pizza Hut has a new Sicillian pIZZA. It is good.

I have finally decided on the KW-TV878RF-PRO
my card

ok and more:

  • Tonight will be it.
  • I'll be at TYM.
  • I gave kaiser his books.
  • I checked /. for shane.

i'm a liar

ok so i didn't stay up last nite, just for a little bit (till around 11)

today started with a ride to NWP that would have included donuts if i didn't have such a hard time finding my glasses
my dad will be on the 3:18, so i'll be home by 4:30
i have an orthodontist appointment at 5:15
i'll probably not be going to the dance

in other news:

  • kaiser has strep, still isn't in
  • kazaa lite lives
  • i'm looking forward to return of the king
  • the lonney toons one is good (it is tarred and mplayer randomly played each part, so it seemed out of order)
  • reconciliation ate into 3rd
  • curly fries today

well, readers, right now it's 6th, so hopefully the rest of the day will be OK



i think tonight's gonna be it


OK, i have so many frees tomorrow, won't do much homework tonight
kaiser has strep
alot of people were on the bus:

  • Joe (stepinac)
  • crystal (GCA)
  • emily (GCA)
  • caitlin (GCA)
  • what's-his-name (stepinac)
  • terrance (fordham)
  • john (regis)

i got the following overnight and during the day:
  • friends S10 E5-E8
  • looney tunes:back in action (quality sux)
  • Family Guy S1 E101-E107

umm ok so now i'm getting:
  • Basement Jaxx - Kish Kash (album, 2003)
  • south park S7 E13-E14

e-mail me if you want links to any of these


check my system's stats and tell me via e-mail to my FP account what the network stat's are

PM status

shane's phone wasn't on when i tried to call him
mrs. henery is sick
she checked the homewoek - i am so unlucky
mr. carney is kind of sick
we have to memorize something for tommorrow
lunch i just had what i brought and a klondike bar
i just wrote my global thesis
aj won't be on the bus (correction to what i previously stated), but sean will be
i'll probably make another post before leaving

AM status

ok so i didn't stay up
i'm kinda sick
kaiser not in today
mari is really sick but too stubborn to call in sick
PE i got free because one gym was used for reconciliation and the other for health
the hot pickles were good
i bought some CHEESE fries with 10 minutes left to 3rd
but then it took to long
so i rushed and threw out lots
but then i found out that music was cancelled
so here i am, enjoying me free
will probably order cheese onion rings 6th
i didn't do my math, and i don't care


suprnova search

I'm gettin so much great stuff from suprnova (not a misspell)

tons of work

hopefully i can stay awake and do all the work i planned for tonight
i'm gonna be so tired tommorow


ok stupid people
so not say i will be the next bill gates

rush hour

i'm gonna try to get rush hour to run under wine wish me luck
I used this handy guide to get it working in the first place
it worked fine for me on gentoo with the standard wine ebuild (winex unnedded)


the eMule guys are now using the Sharelive engine to make a new content site
i have posted in the "I wanna be a releaser/moderator" thread

in other news: i'll be back home around 5:15


day got better

took 4:21 luckily made connection
got nice rest on 5-seater in the back
dad picked me up at yorktown park&ride
hpefully henery not in tommorrow...
i have to bring PE uniform in for health
doesn't look good
i'm just gonna play sc4 after reading forums

bad luck

I missed the 3:43 and now I must wait for the 4:21.
Chances are I won't be able to make my connection to the 4:55 bus, so I'll be waiting there some more.


homework done, sc4

done with homework, but don't feel like writing rest of story
will do tommorow at school if i have as many frees as today :-)
now i'm just gonna play simcity 4 after looking at my usual forums

still lots of work

I'm really busy, so I won't post my story today, but I did find this cool guide. http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=655&topic=-1

pissed off

I completed my story, but then fordham's proxy got f***ed up.
So now I don't have it. Will write later when I'm in a better mood.
Right now doin homework, waiting for 3:43

2 classes (continued)

Ok so we went to the library, attendance was taken, but there was still very few in my class. They say that something with the trains is really messed, and i figured that it was related to the message i saw at the station.
I was also told that there was religion homework.
So I went to Latin and all these people walk out saying "Mari's not here!" I found it wierd that I couldn't find Shane.
I went to my locker, and Mrs. Bulis still wasn't there.
So I went to the computer center, and there it was, the absent list.
It was huge. The following teachers (that are mine) are listed:

  • Mari
  • Bulis
  • Henry

So therefore that gave me 5 official frees: 1,2,4,6,8
G2G much more when I get home.

2 classes

Today is the first day that I have had any more than four frees. I had six.
The day started with a ride to the 7:01. On the display at Botanical Gardens, there was a message that said the 7:48 (to GCT) would be late.
Then an announcement said that some express train would stop here, instaed.
I realized that I had forgotten my jacket. I borrowed one from Dan F.
Mrs. Bulis wasn't there at attendance time, but we figured she was just late. I also noticed that there were very few in my homeroom present.
G2G will post more later.


Studying, then bed

I will be going to bed early today, just studying a bit first.
Have a week full of shortened schedules to look forward to.


Hi I hope this turns into a real blog.