Singapore DOWN

[Singapore Closed]
Yep i'm finally moving it. But I am way too tired to functiona nymore, so i decided to just shut it all down with this error message. It is an image rather than a page so that images directly embedded (not via singapore) will display the error as an image, and if it is a link to a singapore-generated page, well that still works.



LANCASTER An okay vacation made bad by outlaws. No way! Check it out, The Cheat! It's the Thnikkaman!


almost ready to go

luckily i think my dad forgot
and i remnemberd to bring funny stuff, such as HSR with me

too late

was jsut checkin to be sure everything transfered
then watched movie
i'm gonna be dead today
i pray that my dad will forget

Yellow Card - Ocean Avenue

i am unfortunately now obsessed with this song
probably the most punk rock type thing that i really like
i normally hate punk rock...

(btw i hate the other three songs on that page, and the refrain of ocean avenue isn't so great either, so its not like i like the band. i think it's something with the guitar beat thingie in the backround (esp in the very beginning. my opinion of a track is often swung by a good or bad intro). btw listening closely to the refrain i realize these guys really suck at singing.

MGCP 0.5.3

See link for details.

Engleman Enterprises plans on taking over development of MGCP, with Pinko still as subproject head, also possibly giving him a job in CTE Development.

(btw, i did this BEFORE my last post, but figured this deserved its own)

almost ready

wow this is i think the closest i've ever been to actually finishsing a todo on time
my dad luckily seems to forget that he wanted to see the sunflower written up
i'm going to go to bed soon, so in case if he remembers i can BS something quickly (hey he's never read the book, i can say it was about gardening!)

so anyway hopefully i'll have internet access in PA, but if not, well umm, too bad
however if my dad decides to be a real pain and not let me bring my lappy and it turns out there is free in room internet acces, he must be put to death just kidding

oh yeah-iPaska
i just resolved the billing problem and they sed i would get my account upgrade in 60 hours. if i do have internet access i will start work on moving singapore, as i have an entire backup on my laptop and can upload it once i get the space from ipaska



really funny, right

and by the way, mark your calendars
september 21st - SW episodes 4-6 (original trilogy) will be released on a four disc set, with loads of extra crap
as well, SW Battlegrounds (think BF:SW (from BF1942 series))


i'm leaving sunday to saturday
unliess i somehow complete the singapore move tommorrow, everything will be the same as last time
(actually there is a chance pdg will get moved)
however: there is a 50-50 chance that i will have free internet access in the room, and since i have finished the sunflower i am allowed to bring lappy
so hopefully i will be present in the outside world

MGCP 0.5.0

I have decided to take matters into my own hands and fix five problems I had with MPE's MPEGC 0.40a.


oh no another todo

this is for pre-school (doesn't replace or override any past TODOs

For Lancaster:

  • Map trip
  • remove bad stuff that can easily be replaced
  • abscence notes
  • Read "The Sunflower" (and write junk about)
  • Get working PHP on lappy
  • Get more code on lappy so it can be worked on
  • backup ctengel.net
  • resolve iPaska billing issue
  • get a docbook thing for win32
  • check all iPaska accounts
  • /.
  • clean out CJB email

At Lancaster:
  • Write junk about "Of Mice and Men"
  • Read "The Prince"
  • Work on the auth system
  • Do more packaging and doc work
Before school:
  • Complete remaining summer work
  • Sign up for OA webmaster
  • last NPE visit
  • scan/email/post dan k w/ tara
  • move PDG site
  • stop "summer habits"
  • email adrian (CIT and ISR)
  • SL releases
  • SF releases

Umm well I've got much work to do so I'll be reading most of today.


The Winners of the NCC 2004 Week 3 inter-camp programming contest

Well I've finally relased them.
I was deemed the best programmer in CT week 3 and OH week 1 of NCC 2004.
And now I have shared the programs I wrote to win it with the world.


iPaska and NCC

due to communication difficulties with the credit card holder, i unfortunately haven't resolved the iPaska billing issue, but hopefully will tommorrow
the first batch of ncc programs should be out tommorrow



ok umm
iPaska trouble
changing billing system


not working

Ok for some reason my last post went through but did not get published. Shane, can you try? Oh yeah, my dad's blackberry now supports images. Oh yeah!


keys evac

Well I ended up evacuating but now am back thanks to charley. This is from my dad's blackberry.


official notice of abscence and downtime

i will be leaving of florida on a flight from JFK early tomorrow morning. i will leave home TODAY.
flight scheduled to return next monday.
cte-debian (aka cteserver) will be down during this periond
remember that this NO LONGER includes PDG.
oh yeah btw i found out that hornet.ipaska.net (hosts ctengel.net) has been up for over 100 days.

Update: I might get dial-up from my dad,but ctedeb still definetely down as the power will be cut from CTEHQ

bottom line

just wanted to point out that i only made that last post because he asked for a review
i need graphics btw from someone......
i really have no clue atm as to what to do....
that reminds me, i need to shave tomorrow-never no they might give me a hard time about my age (over 18 need gvt-issued photo ID and i don't got one. i don't think FP one cuts it)
just to schedule a release date, the ncc stuff should be available without any additional stuff under the GPL within 72 hours of my flight leaving from miami

btw this release stuff is also very helpful in the ISR program, dam thats right i need a "mentor"
well i guesss i can stall using what i already got andmaybe documetning my system builds and unix stuff
how could i have been so freaking dumb

  • he's mad cool
  • he is a real person that i know personally
  • would not mind periodically speaking to bulis as he is the "Mr. Curtin" in a jesuit school in atlanta (well umm excapt the job he does is a kazillion times better than the "Iron Curtin" and he probably doesn't have dumb restrictions)
  • i'm he would vouch for me
well if bulis still wants a mentor i got the man'
wow i am really tired
and hungry
oh f*T&*
i need to be up early tommorrow
good night

MPE Sucks

I can't comment without having a xanga login.
Yet one can comment here as guest without anny hassle.
Any of those special features can be acheived here at blogger by using the template system.
Oh yeah, blogger does not bind you to any host. I could create an ftp account on ctengel.net for blogger and then BOOM!
No more need for that ad on top (did i mention that its alot less annoying than graphical popups), then all thats needed is button on bottom. and unified interface for all.
and i don;t like his coding style anyway (no i don't know python but i can understand most of what he has up anyway
and i don;t remember reading any kind of moviung announcement on his other blog....
thumbs down

MPE has made me realize one thing though....I have millions of lines of code sitting around, a good portion of it useful.
Expect a huge update from the original development division of CTE Net, including the code that made me programming champ of the entire NCC system, as well as the mods that power the PDG forums.
C, C++, PHP, BASIC, Java, TCL, TK, VB - yeah i got all that.
lets see what have i got-every excersize from ncc's C++ course (s0me of them useful), a picture browser modeled on gqview (although winXP's filmstrip basically obsoletes it), an AIM presence tracker that only needs HTTP access (works behind proxy!), da mari project (complete with the DB editor), loads of BASIC crap i can't even remember, a cool beeping program complete with GUI

did i mention all this stuff is GPLed?

i really got to learn perl don't i
really the most major language that i don;t know (the only ppl who would probably disagree are assembly nerds, who are cool but just too hardcore for me. will probably take a course in 80386 Assembly as a CIT at NCC next year)

maybe should release maps and crap ive made for games..

oh yeah another blogger plus
ever since they were bought by google they have been adding new stuff at least monthly
for instance, new sometime while i was in iowa is this WYSIWYG i am using now (and yes it still lets you manually edit the HTML if you wish)

oh yeah, BLOGS ARE NO PLACE TO POST SCHWARTZ CODE (well binaries would be even worse)
engleman enterprises already has a release system (free, but by approval only - unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, no ads) at an undisclosed location as a result of past mergers

oh yeah those RPGs suck. (where its just all nested ifs)....they had those at ncc on like sheet 3, but i "forgot" to do them


camps.txt and flatodo.txt

Here are two documents I have made on my laptop while at NOAC, since I had no internet access.


Staph: Mike, Adrian, Sam, Cathrine, John (Sam's friend), Marc (knives), Dave (Chinese, populated the cheat), Greg (Magical Cards), Dustin (left/kicked out at end of week)
UT Tourney: 2nd (of 5) place in semifinals (there were 3), 5th (of 6) in finals
Friday: Gave most food to Adrian for weekend.

Staph: Adrian, Adam, Sam, Cathrine, Mark, Dave, Donny (Snow White), Greg
UT (sunday): 1st of 4 in semifinals (just 2 heats this time), 4th of 4 in finals.
InterCamp Programming contest: won by 9 minutes (noone finished the 6th of 6), against last years ohio champ. all of the top 3 were from CT this year
Sunday nite got food back.
Adrian wrapped me in tape as example (lol)

Mad Due son!
danny kavana
b-hood quest (not ceremony)

NOAC 2004:
Movies watched way there: SW EP 4-5, happy gillmore, noac ???? and 2002
meals way there: subway in PA (1 ft Cold Cut Trio and 20 oz Dr. P bottle), mcdonalds (bacon, egg, cheese ON eng muffin), ISU store (pizza and Mr. Pibb (fountain))
saturday we won supposively random drawring to sit in front row (our gate, "purple", was the last let in that day so we went from da top to the bottom). later we found out it was mr. robert fenty (a guy from our lodge) who bribed someone with patches
sunday's show was almost all awards and a show that didn't make sense (hopefully will be continued monday)


2 cds from noac
map trip
isu info
get emule stuff on laptop i forgot(and anything else for that matter)
ctengel.net and others - abscence notes
sign up for webmaster jo (lodge,national,or in-between)b

Transition: NOAC to Florida

Sorry guys, but I didn't have any form of "Internet access" (as I had wrongly expected I would) in ISU.
It was a very unique experience. Here are some links until I write something useful:

I did some patch trading. I bought five of the Ktemaque's NOAC 2004 trading sets. Here is a breif list (more details later) of stuff I collected:
  • Complete NOAC 2o04 Ktemaque patch set
  • Captian Crunch, Mario, and turtle patches
  • This year's 2x2x2 cube
  • Service patch
  • NOAC 2004 patch
Unfortunately I didn't get the NE Region NOAC 2004 patch because it was sold out by the end of the week and I hesitated at the beginning. Another dissapointment was that the NOAC 2004 neckerchiefs were all sold out before the conference even started, but all of the 2002 stuff was on sale so I got one of those.

Oh whoops! I never spoke of Read.
Well umm-I just have one thing to say: "That's mad due son!"
But really, it's hard to say. I'm not quite sure which camp I liked better, but I think I'd have to say Henderson.

Coming soon is a pre-release of the "camps document" and my pre-Florida todo list.

more links (above)
Also, forgot to mention that I am considering the job of Ktemaque webmaster.