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yep....basically nothing more will be here.....
blogger beta may be cool, but i too lazy

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very soon moment now....


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I may be switching vera soon...



working on ctengel.net 2006
the civiv got smashed up :-(


mp3 player

i have it and it is over half full already


Online Rich Media Patented

Online Rich Media Patented: "A Method for Utilizing and Commercializing a Simultaneously Suspended and Supported Access Route from Manhattan to Brooklyn"
Not if I get it first

Get Firefox

funny as hell


UK Government Confiscates Firefox CDs: "I wonder when she'll find out about the public domain: an evil conspiracy by the government to allow information to be copied by anyone without anyone having the right to restrict this immoral act."

Slashdot | Google Won't Pay Bell South

Good for them.
My fear was that the ISPs would be bully's, but like them or not, Google is a huge giant and not eaisly bullied.

Map Builder::Build Your Own Google or Yahoo Maps. Share and Explore.

This is almost exactly what I did with the gleason thing, exept with this you don't have to manually look up the lat&long and add it to a database!

Google Firefox Extensions

i'm behind

Google Transit

Pretty cool also. New York will probably be harder than Portland.

engleman - engleman's Home Page

Holy crap. I jsut went to the Google Labs page and saw this was new today. I might have this here on this blog before Slashdot.



Well, the PSAT was close. I got a 214 on that.
I got a 2110 on this one, but the PSAT's breakdown was very different. I got a 79 on writing on the PSAT but only a 650 on this one (66 on the 20-80 multiple choice and 8 on the 2-12 essay). My essay really sucked and I guess I could have done better on the multiple guess (I got only 1 wrong on the PSAT. My Critical Reading was pretty consistent. I got a 720 on this one (I guess that one that I really sucked on must have been experimental.), and i think that's close to what I got on the PSAT. Math made up the difference for writing! I got a 740! I was hoping for 750-800, but I'll just take this agaain. Anyway, I'm happy to say that these scores are in order: Math, Reading, Writing (by order I mean in the order that I'm actually good at it; my PSAT scores were in reverse order!). Oh yeah, it says that my essay will be available for me to look at on the 18th. Since I wrote it myself, I think that means I am the copyright holder and will therefore post it. Anyway, I actually probably wouldn't even ratake this if the Math was 10 higher, but I might as well, and also get a chance to write an essay that doesn't end in the middle of a word! (No, I probably won't get 12, but the fact that I got a 8 with such a shitty ending means that the rest must have been decent. My goal is 10.) I'm in the top 20th for math&reading. I'm not ranked for writing yet. That might be because some of the scores aren't available yet, and those are being released on the 18th. I'm guessing that some writing sections are taking longer to grade and that's also why I don't get to see my essay until the 18th.



I'm Chris Engelhart, I'm a junior candidate, and I learned how not to get from Garrison to the Bronx.

Google Local - from: Garrison, NY to: Bronx, NY